Boulder Cross Natz-Day 1 (for me)

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Yesterday was long. I didn’t sleep worth a shit. I’m not sure if it was the passing of Ollie or altitude. Either way, it didn’t happen.

Vincent and I went to Boulder and met up with Andy Hampsten. We ended up hanging at the coffeeshop a couple hours. I was crazy jittery when we left.

We went by the VW dealer to get Vincent’s number. I ran into Russell Stevenson there. He is racing the Master’s race today and then the Elite race on Sunday. He got number 40 for the Elite race. I asked if they were lining them up by numbers and the official there said yes. Russell said he didn’t have any UCI points.

Anyway, the officials were listening to our conversation and said only 30 guys with UCI points were racing. That is low. I don’t know how many Elite riders have UCI points from the US, but it is double that at least. I guess the race is too late in the season for even those guys. Or maybe the altitude scared them off. Either way it is quite a few less than the previous years.

We rode just one lap on the course, right after the junior 13-14 race. There were a ton of them. Way over 50. Maybe way more than that. They only did two laps, less than 20 minutes. That seemed too short.

The course is awesome. I saw Peter Weber and told him so. It is super technical and switches up during the days as it warms. Lots of off-camber sections. A big hill. Pretty cool. It makes me want to enter tomorrow.

I might have to retract my not awarding Nationals to Boulder post. It’s close. The venue and course is so cool, it nearly offsets the altitude issue. Almost.

Anyway, I ran into a bunch of friends already. Vincent races at 9 am this morning. Too early for my liking, but that is the deal. It is going to be frozen and super bumpy. Vincent starts at the very back, so it should been interesting watching him move up. He has a new Garmin video camera to capture some of the action.

Okay, have to scoot.

Peter Weber and Dave Toll.

Vincent talking to Ned Overend, as a guy is taking our picture.

20140110-181314.jpgAndy and his son , Oscar. Andy is starting him early on espresso.

Here is Dag Selander, Bjorne’s dad. I have known him forever. He brought some Minnesota guys out to get some experience.

Bill Marshall, working for WD-40, cleaning my bike. Thanks.

The view from the top of the hill.

7 thoughts on “Boulder Cross Natz-Day 1 (for me)

  1. Oldster

    If there ever was a dude deserving of being a bitter ex-pro its Hampsten. If not for the drug fueled armada headed by Indurain, Bugno and Dirty Tony Rominger he would have had an even richer race resume – and well deserving too. He handled it like no other and moved on

    We should have known back then that something was up when Dr Ferrari starting curing “allergies” and “balance” issues for mules who transitioned to race horses. I hope Dirty Tony is miserable these days

    Back to Andy, the day he won on the Alpe was one of the best. The dopers must have been hanging their heads after that. An even greater accomplishment when you look back thru today’s glasses

  2. mike crum

    i didnt read or see where indurain and bungo got caught on drugs. personally, i always thought they were on something, just were lucky not to get caught.. where can i read on these two getting busted? thanks.

  3. Randomguy

    Random thoughts:
    A. Craig has noted he bagged Nats because it falls so late in the season. I’m sure many others who ride other disciplines, a January schedule gets in the way of their primary focus. Its to late for mountain bikers, and into road season training. The elite Woman’s field is nearly as large as the Men’s. Nice!

    What a difference a year makes. I was freezing last year in Madison. Boulder looks like a great venue, although I agree the altitude is an issue for the flatlanders. Next year in Austin, I’m sure the course will be ridiculously fast, which will favor some. I suppose the idiosyncrasies of location are part of what makes CX great.

    Please ask Toll and the others who describe the racing to stop screaming.
    Did Andy give you any olive oil?

  4. Mike Rodose

    Andy Hampsten deserves a special podium award. He was one of the best. Without question. On and off the bike.

    Dave Towle looks and sounds special when yelling his way through a woman’s cross race. Like a herman munsterish, top-40 DJ at volume 11. Gibberish from the Crimson Chin.

    Screaming is not professional or Sherwenesque.

  5. giles c

    Im guessing you fixed the van for the trip to Colorado. Im sure im not the only one who was a little worried about your trip home. Im bet you feel like your in Florida compared to last week. Clue us in the on the van fix.

  6. Lalla

    I love Dag, he taught me and many others how to race in MN. Just a super guy. He once told me that quitting races will give you skin boils. True


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