World Cup Cyclocross Namur

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If you have a little time on your hands today, or just need a little down time, this is a pretty good race to watch. It is super technical. I haven’t seen the whole race, but so far it is great. It is amazing that Nys can nearly get on the podium when he’s nearly a minute back after the first lap.

3 thoughts on “World Cup Cyclocross Namur

  1. Calvin Jones

    A great piece of race coverage. It may be just me, but it seems like it would be hard to keep your dignity as a pro rider when you have to dangle your leg like an outrigger. Some nice pit action, for once, with some tangling of support staff and riders.

  2. Devin

    What an AWESOME course! That looks brutally hard- you’re either trying really hard to keep it upright on those off-camber mud slides, or you’re spitting up a lung from slogging up a mud-slide. Are there any US cross race like that?

  3. Tanner

    I know I’ve said this before, but I would love your opinion on Nys (and others) ability to ride through the group like this. In this race, you see Page in front of Nys in the first lap. How does Nys do it? Drugs? Pure skill? Is the level that Nys is on just that much greater? He makes all the guys in this Elite field look like 18 year old kids. Amazing….maybe to amazing…I don’t know.


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