Dave Zabriskie’s Done

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I saw this article on Cyclingnews.com this morning that Dave Zabriskie is done racing. He was being a little bet stealthy about it, keeping it to himself pretty much. Then later today I read that he started Lombardi, he then quietly quit the race, “stepped off his bike” and he career was finished. I am not sure what to think.

I’m wondering if he really just wanted to stop or it was some deal he made with someone concerning the USADA/Lance deal. He is only 34 years old. It’s not like he doesn’t have the ability to race at the Pro level. He finished 2nd in the Tour of California in 2012. I’d like to sit down and have a beer with him sometime to get some feeling on whether he is happy with his career and how it went. He does have two children he wants to spend more time with, so it’s not like he is going to be sitting around twiddling his thumbs. I wish him the best.

He’s saying that he is going to be doing something in the sport. I’m thinking that would be a better choice that stand up poetry. Here is an example of his.

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  1. mike tilton

    Glad to see him go – nice guy or not. I can perhaps understand the argument to dope because you had to in Europe but he was one of the guys who routinely came back stateside and raced having a big impact on many races while being doped.

    How many national time trial championships did he walk away with?? That’s a hefty bonus from his sponsor he took from people not on world tour teams.

  2. channel_zero

    Adding to this. Another guy that plainly stole from clean athletes and doing nothing but a meaningless apology. Give back the money as a way to regain some respect. We all know Dave and his doper pals are not that kind of sorry.

    Higher up than just Dave, this is another instance where USA Cycling’s dope-friendly practices make it impossible for cycling to be viewed as a legitimate sporting endeavour. I’m not saying there aren’t good people inside USAC or there aren’t any clean elite American cyclists, just that the federation leadership is plainly corrupt.

  3. Oldster

    Judging by his profile in races as of late I thought he had already retired. JV was on the hook to pay these guys, probably kicking himself. Good riddance, my only wish is to somehow retract the victory tour received by hincapie and CVV. Good riddance, keep him out of the bike biz – please

  4. michael

    Recently had the opportunity to see Dave while in Colorado during the US PRO Challenge. I was 0% impressed w/ the energy and enthusiasm he possessed while being confronted by the fans. Aside from being happy and not at all surprised to see a rider like this leave the sport, I do remain a bit curious of his departure and its timing.

  5. Daniel Russell

    Only two more to get rid of from that generation, Danielson and Horner and it can’t come soon enough. Good riddance.

  6. Skippy

    This appears to be a repeat of the C Vdv story !

    Not too hard to speculate , that the 6 mth suspension came with ” conditions attached “?

    Back to ” Amy D.” , here is link to an Aussie site on the Memorial service last night :


    Those wishing to stay current on developments should ” like/follow ” :


    Too many Pro Racers have been lost over the years on ” training runs ” , there are now 2 Amys and the list of Male losses are endless .

    Time the UCI coordinated with Nat. Feds . on a ” Code of Conduct ” , whereby the ” Pro Racers ” saluted THOSE Vehicles that gave respect by passing safely using their “signals & 1 1/2M safe pass rule”! When the Bus & Trucking Orgs become aware of this , they will have to ask/demand their members show respect to Cyclists ?

    Time that the Cylist v Vehicle WAR was brought to an END !

  7. garth

    On this euro-doper-note, I had the chance to race Crusher in the Tushar, in Utah in July this year. Levi showed up and took the overall and KOM money, and no one fucking blinked an eye? Not that I was going to get any of it, but everyone just marked out to him and clapped. WTF? Whether he is clean now or not, he got the chance to train doped for how many years then come and take a lousy $1250 from guys like Ty Wren (2nd) & Alex grant, and a few other working racers. What a fuck you to the sport. Sorry, not cool imo.

  8. channel_zero

    Some of that Crusher in the Tushar problem goes back to the promoter who did not think twice about letting the double-doping-sanction-but-no-lifetime-ban Levi ride.

    It’s a disappointing situation.

  9. chainsuck

    Steve, you seem to have gone real soft on these dopers as of late. If that is because of someone close to you being employed by a Pro-Tour team I understand but definitely miss your candor.

  10. Gordon

    DZ has never represented himself As a victim or made far flung excuses for his doping, which is atypical for the others in that generation of riders. Doesn’t make him any less innocent but it is hard for me to have the same feelings for him as many have expressed here. I hope DZ does stay in cycling in some capacity. Now, as for Levi, Garth pretty much nailed it.

  11. Daniel Russell

    “But I’ll leave you with this: You might want to ask Floyd about his old boss. See if that leads to your doorstep? ” Jonathan Vaughters

  12. mike crum

    they all dopped… every pro….from merckx to david z… half got caught.. half got away with it..


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