Heading to Lousiville for Surgery

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I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t even post anything here. It is pretty unusual for me not to put at least to write something down. I figured I had one day left to use my thumb at home for the next 6-8 weeks, so I might as well do something that involves the thumb seriously. And that was working on my van.

The van hasn’t been starting quickly for the last few months and since it is going to be getting colder out soon, it will start slower. Since it is diesel, the van has two huge batteries to turn over the high compression cylinders. And since it is a van, not a pickup, everything under the hood is jammed in there, so they put the batteries up under the right side, by the double doors. There are very, very hard to access. Especially since my van has aftermarket running boards and the brackets interfere with the whole process.

Anyway, after spending most of the morning and afternoon on the project, I finished it. I can’t say that working on a car, on my back, is something that my shoulder PT has prepared me for. Plus, my thumb is next to valueless, so that makes it just that much more difficult. I really couldn’t use hardly any pneumatic tools to access the tight spaces, so that was a drag.

I’m packing up and heading to Louisville Kentucky this morning. I have 3 doctor’s appointments tomorrow and then the surgery on Thursday. My friend, Stacie sent up the whole thing. She’s not a hand surgeon, but knows a really good one there. I really am tired with this whole medical involvement this year, so I went with it. She’s really on top of things, so I’m in good hands. She even has me seeing a special cast/split maker that will help make it so that I can ride while my thumb is immobilized.

It’s a 600 mile drive to Louisville. I like the town, but not the drive. I-70 in Missouri from Kansas City to St. Louis is always crowded nowadays. They need to make it 3 lanes in each direction, but that would cost a gazillion dollars and take years.

Okay, I guess I need to get packing. Seems like I’m continuously packing and unpacking nowadays. I guess I’ve been doing that for a long time, practically my whole life, but this packing and unpacking doesn’t seem as rewarding for some reason. Better work on changing that.

The batteries are in these boxes that are mounting up on the floor, mid way back.

The batteries are in these boxes that are mounting up on the floor, mid way back.

Finally out.

Finally out.

Mess in the driveway.

Mess in the driveway.

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  1. VCScribe

    ” . . . but that would cost a gazillion dollars and take years.”

    Put people to work, jump start the economy. Get this country moving again.

    Dis we learn NOTHING from the past 80 years?


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