Cross Vegas Live Tonight

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Okay, is charging to watch the event. I don’t normally have a problem paying for content, but the price seems a little out of line for what I would be receiving. So, you can click the link and sign up or just wait until tomorrow, it’s your choice.

Cross Vegas is Live starting at 9:45 CST, that is in an hour and a half approximately. Watch Sven Nys come play over here for his first cross race back in the US since he won the Worlds in Lousiville. He’ll be wearing his World Championship jersey he won in February. This is a pretty cool event to watch in person, being able to see the majority of the course from the top of the ridge. I’ve raced the event two or three times and it’s one of the few races that I’ve sworn off forever. I have never been able to breathe after a couple laps and cough brown and green stuff out of my lungs for at least a couple weeks after. Barry Wicks once wrote a piece about Cross Vegas for Velonews from the perspective of his nose. He experienced the same thing. Fertilizer or something on the soccer field. Anyway, I’ll watch it from afar, which is fine by me. KC local honch, Shadd Smith is going to be toeing the line tonight. Good luck to him! Click here for the link at Enjoy.