Horner is Winning Tour of Spain

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He called his shot and now is only two days away from winning the Tour of Spain after just gapping Nibali at today’s finish. Tomorrow is going to be a telling day, but when Nibali says that Horner is going to win the race., it is not bad thing for Chris. Tomorrow’s stage finishes on Alto de L´Angliru, which has steep pitches, 25% I think. But it seems like Horner is climbing better as it gets steeper. Too bad I am racing Chequamegon tomorrow morning. It will be a great day to watch.

Stage profile tomorrow.

Stage profile tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Horner is Winning Tour of Spain

  1. Mike Rodose

    Horner must be clean because the druggies have been swept from our noble sport over the last several years. Lance was the last drug-fueled cheat, and we caught him.

    This allowed Horner to finally become the clean winner he always was. The UCI should give Horner some money from Floyd’s, Tyler’s, Hincapie’s, Danielson’s Lance’s and other American racers that were using those Performance Enhancing Drugs. Reward the only clean guy!

    Now we know, for sure, that Horner races clean. This Vuelta is proof.

    This is so good. Finally. Milestone for Clean Racing! Dopers suck and Horner doesn’t.

  2. Ryan

    A couple of quotes from Horner in two different articles today:

    “The media has been irresponsible. I keep reading that that Horner is in the best form of his career. This is not the best form of my career. There have been many previous occasions that I’ve had good form. Maybe this is the best form I’ve had at the best moment.”

    “Yesterday I rode with the best form I’ve ever had.”

    Honestly, I’m just enjoying the racing. For the second year in a row, the Vuelta has been heaps more exciting than the Tour.

  3. Bri

    Remember Lance and Levi were both teammates of Horner. Johan was also a director on multiple teams that Horner raced for during numerous years. Can you imagine even if he didn’t use drugs in these situations that he could still state “Never seen it on the team. Never heard about it. Never seen it,”

  4. J Mille

    Most exciting race in a long time. I expect Valverde and Movistar to fight hard as well as the strong Astana team. RadioShack team is so motivated for Horner, they’ve had no real leadership for awhile and seem to appreciate his leadership style.

  5. Andrew

    Besides his age, performances & winning his first GT at 41, I can’t possibly take seriously a guy that last winter was gushing praise & support for Armstrong, stating he should be considered a clean rider who won those races legitimately. The shamelessness to come out with that garbage.

  6. Larry T.

    Really? Wasn’t this the same kind of stuff they said after Tom Simpson died and again after the Festina fiasco? Just like that, everything’s all cleaned up and the righteous are now seeing justice. In fact the fellow you called the “last drug-fueled cheat” was hailed as the savior of cycling back in 1999 if memory serves me correctly. Hard for me to believe all the cheating is suddenly ancient history.

  7. pascale

    Read this article (interview with Horner)
    Note how Horner says he has taken maybe 40-50 drug tests in some years? This statement does not seem credible, the agencies do not have the resources to test at this level of frequency. He may be referencing different types of drug tests perhaps, but not ones conducted by credible anti-doping agencies. This is so reminiscent of Lance’s boasting about how frequently he was tested, which in reality wasn’t that much.


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