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I’m pretty much done watching the Pro Challenge bike race. I rode over to the time trial in Vail yesterday and watched a few guys ride past. The Vail bike path comes out about 100 meters from the finish, so it was really convenient. But, like I’ve posted here before, I’m not huge into spectating live road racing. If “they” want live spectating of bike racing to succeed here in the US, the races have to have a lot more circuit races and/or long criteriums. That is by far the best spectating of road cycling. Americans aren’t going to sit on the side of the road for hours to spectate for 30 seconds. It just isn’t how we view sports.

I’m going to ride up Loveland Pass today and maybe down to Georgetown, depending on the weather. Yesterday we got soaked from Copper Mountain back to Silverthorne. And when it rains up here it is cold rain, plus the temperatures drop into the lower 50’s.

Tomorrow I’m driving over to Steamboat Springs to hang with Kent Eriksen some. I have my cross frames and am going to have Kent put on rear disc brake mounts. That is one of the better things about riding titanium frames, you can always just add stuff as needed. I need to get a new road frame too, so I am hopefully going to do something, miter a tube or put a weld on it or something. I think that would be great doing something to help construct the bike I race on.

Okay, the weather already is looking iffy, better get going.

Watching the TT on Vail Pass.

Watching the TT on Vail Pass.

Jens Voight.

Jens Voight.

3 thoughts on “Done Watching

  1. The Cyclist

    If “they” want live spectating “they” need start building more exciting roads. There’s not enuf hair pins on the “climbs” in this race. Way too boring.

  2. channel_zero

    I don’t know Steve, IMHO, the crowds were bigger at most of the higher-ranked domestic races, road or otherwise. No paying to ship the Euro-pros in at the time either. You’ve posted a few pictures of those events.

    All the money spent shipping the Euro pros into Colorado benefits a few people the UCI’s side. I don’t know who though.


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