Cyclocross Already?

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It seems like when the Tour de France is over, everyone starts thinking about cyclo-x. This year it is earlier for me. I got a call a couple months ago about helping with an instructional video about cross. It is a company that makes videos for all sorts of sports, mainly American sports.

I thought it was going to be a low budget type deal, but when I got the explanation, I was surprised. They were planning to use Sven Nys as the instructor. They had a personal connection with Sven. That was a couple months ago and now it seems that Sven doesn’t want to do the DVD in English. He doesn’t feel comfortable with that. I told them it would be pretty useless in Flemish.

So, flash forward to now and it seems they want me to do the whole thing. Author, instruct, examples, etc. We didn’t really get down to the specifics, the time frame, or the content of each video, but the project seems interesting enough.

I stopped by their office on the way back from Cable for a chat and tour of the facilities. It is pretty impressive. They sell 1000’s of different videos about nearly all aspects of sports. Swimming stroke, starts, turns. Same with baseball, basketball, football, etc. It was amazing.

Hopefully they’ll do videos on all aspects of the sport of cycling, not just cyclo-x. I can’t seem to get any pictures to load today, so you’ll just have to believe me that the place is really impressive.

It is something that I’ve never done, so I’m kind of excited about the project. I do have all the necessary skills and knowledge, so that part is easy. It is early, but it should be fun.

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  1. Anton

    You know the part where they say “action” ? That’s because there’s a whole lot of inaction when it comes to making movies. Get a good book and be prepared to do things over and over and over. It’s a lot of sitting around and doing nothing.

  2. Rod

    Homeboy’s a rider, not a writer, cut him some slack. I’m good with the written word but a shite rider, wish it were reversed.

  3. channel_zero

    If you are not already thinking about it, make sure part of your side of the deal is per-unit royalties as long as the content is published/sold. That includes re-packaging the content and online distribution.

    It will make much more money over time than you realize. Don’t do a bad deal.

  4. H Luce

    “4th grade English…” is a sentence fragment. So is “Their, not there”. You should have written your comment thusly: “You made a mistake in spelling. You should have written ‘their’, which is a word indicating possession, rather than ‘there’ which is a word indicating location. To pedants like me, this is fourth grade English. Thank God I’ve never read anything by Faulkner, or Joyce, or Pound, or Kerouac; I’d be busy all day long fixing up their books.”

    Score: Tilford – one spelling error; Euro – two grammar errors.


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