8th then DQ’d

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The race is over. I was wrong, no breaks lapped the field. Mass field sprint. I finished 8th, but went over to the officials and told them I took an illegal “free lap” not in the pit. It was a stupid, rash decision. I haven’t been disqualified from a race since i was a junior. (Yellow line rule- Tom Boyden. ) I’ll post more later. Driving North now.


11 thoughts on “8th then DQ’d

  1. Fred G

    You weren’t 8th, you were a lap down. The fact that you ratted yourself out is admirable, but even more admirable would’ve been to drop out at the bell so you wouldn’t potentially screw up someone else’s sprint.

  2. Qthis

    Speaking in regards to Integrity. Don’t they still need to give you that Natl championship jersey from 2006???

  3. Dave Johnson

    Tom Boydon…there is a name from the past. I think he became District Rep. if I am not mistaken. I never had an issue with him and he was the one (again if I am not mistaken) who upgraded me to Cat. 2 when I was a junior. Honesty is the best policy, Steve. You wouldn’t have felt right about the result if you hadn’t turned yourself in.

  4. benyamin

    A guy shows his true nature…his “free lap” =cheating does it not???? And all you @ss lickers call it integrity to later report himself?
    Give me a break.

  5. Jim Woods

    Neat post Steve! I used to drive the Badger bus around those streets! Enjoy you time in the Northwoods. I miss Wisconsin when I see your pics.


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