Off Track Once Again

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I would like to be writing something more fun here, but am not able to. I woke up yesterday morning with crazy diarrhea. It came out of nowhere. The only thing I can think is maybe it was the antibiotic injection, plus the oral antibiotics I took for my “farm injury” to my knuckle or maybe a few slices of beets I had on a salad the night before. I was searching around the internet and found this about antibiotic induced colitis. The symptoms seem right, but it’s just one of a zillion things it could be. Maybe the tetanus shot. All guesses, I doubt I’ll ever figure it out.

Whatever the reason, I spent the majority of the day in the bathroom or in bed. I managed to get out on my bike for 5 miles and had to go home because of a splitting headache. I never took my temperature, but I didn’t feel well. I went to bed around 9 pm last night and that is pretty much the day.

It wouldn’t have worked out for the heat training because, one, I didn’t ride and two, the heat never came. The high yesterday was 81 or so.

I think the deluge has sort of subsided now, but I am super weak. The Tour of Lawrence starts tonight with the downtown street sprints. I’m just going to go over there and ride the 200 meters once and out. Hopefully another day and a half will be enough to get some strength back. We don’t race until 4:30 Saturday afternoon for the circuit race.

Sorry for being so boring and such here the last few days, but this week didn’t really go to script. Actually, this year has really went to script, but I’m trying not to dwell on that too much right now.

I’m going to try to lay around in bed all day today until later. If I feel any better, I’ll go out for a short ride. That is really the only way I really get back on track after being down and out. Sometimes it isn’t so good for the mentality, but physically, it definitely puts me back on track. Usually. I hope I feel better for the weekend. I always look forward to this weekend and it’s been such a roller coaster recently, I hate to think I’m just going to be spectating. Okay, that’s it for now.

Lawrence Street Sprints from a couple years ago.

Tour of Lawrence, Street Sprints 2011 from Gizmo Pictures on Vimeo.

6 thoughts on “Off Track Once Again

  1. Anton

    Well, this is why we come here.

    Everyone loves hearing the health issues of old men.

  2. Bryan

    I think reactions to antibiotics is based on the person. I was taking some heavy duty antibiotics after I ripped my arm open on the road surface back in 2005. It was a prudent move given the amount of dirt and debris they washed out of the wound before sewing me back up. They gave me no problems. I would say the IV antibiotics they hung on me after abdominal surgery had no effect, but since I had been on clear liquids for two weeks prior to that, frankly there was nothing in me to be squirted out.

  3. Nathan

    I’ve had a few friends develop c-diff from really strong antibiotics,…great idea to work on restoring gut bacteria. Oh,…and I disagree,…diarrhea doesn’t come out of “nowhere.” My experience is that it has been from a very specific place,…


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