Tour of Lawrence

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The Tour of Lawrence is this weekend, starting Friday night with street sprints in downtown Lawrence. The pre-registration closes tomorrow morning, but you can register on site, of course. If you don’t have any plans, or if you even do have plans, this race is one not to be missed. It is very rare to get the venues as special as these to race bikes on nowadays. The KU Campus Circuit race on Saturday is an unbelievable course, threading up and down Mt. Oread, through the KU campus. It is super hard. Then racing in downtown, on Mass. St. on Sunday is about as good as it gets for racing here in Kansas. Lawrence is a very cool place just to hang, so like I said above, if you can make it, you should. Click here for more information.

The Tour of Lawrence Flyer for 2013.

The Tour of Lawrence Flyer for 2013.

2 thoughts on “Tour of Lawrence

  1. Wildcat

    What did they pay you to use your likeness in that poster? Sans facial hair of course.

  2. Jason Murphy

    KU Campus Circuit is one of the toughest races I’ve done. Not sure if it was the heat, the course or the competition, but I suffered like a dog last year. I can’t speak for Friday night, but Saturday and Sunday events are both great venues and events.

    Bummer about your hand; especially when your form was coming around. Heal fast.


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