Was Wondering What Happened to Johan Bruyneel

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I was thinking yesterday what ever happened to Johan Bruyneel and his appeal of the doping charges against him. Then today, at Cyclingnews, there is a short article with some of the answers. Johan says he can’t talk now that his lawyers have got a hold of the case. I hate it when people pull out that line. I’m assuming his story has changed a little too, now that the cycling public has had a chance to view the testimonies against him.

Somehow, it seems like the system is broken. Last year, they said that Johan would be facing his day by November 2012. Then it was changed a month and now it is 8 months later and I haven’t seen a word about any scheduled date. It isn’t like these guys, USADA, WADA, whoever, have a long line of doping cases waiting and he has to wait his turn.

At the end of the Cyclingnews article, there are a quote that makes it look like he is not feeling any contrition or regret for past dealings.

“If Armstrong had not come back and if I had included Landis in the squad again, all of this would never have happened. I am two hundred percent convinced of that. Without those two facts, we would be talking completely differently,” Bruyneel said.

I guess it’s the feeling badly that he was caught thing and not the I was in the wrong belief. That’s understandable. He had a very good thing going and probably believes that he was just another guy doing the same as all the others in the world of professional cycling. But when you reap the huge rewards, then the fall is more fatal it seems. Maybe not. I’m wondering if he could still work out a 6 month suspension and be back in circulation by early next year? Wouldn’t that be just grand.


14 thoughts on “Was Wondering What Happened to Johan Bruyneel

  1. scott

    sure, everything would be fine if……
    what a classless tool, just like when he sat on indurain to win his tour stage.

  2. Scott P

    He could tell Oprah that Lance doped now and not have worry about “spilling the beans”

  3. Andrew

    From my own experience, when lawyers get involved, things become expensive and time consuming. Perhaps Bruyneel’s lawyers are slowing down the USADA’s efforts to have a hearing?

  4. channel_zero

    As a reminder, Contador’s processing was ridiculously long and drawn out too.

    As another insult to cycling fans, the guy plainly admits he’s funding the delays. If he didn’t want it drawn out, then he just needs to stop paying his lawyers.

    We need to hear more from The Hog. Like Armstrong, every statement says more about the sports federation’s own corruption than anything else.

  5. channel_zero

    BTW, it came out that Johann “loaned” Team Tandy 1.5 million (euro? dollar?) to make payroll when Becca wouldn’t pay. Based on that, Johann can fund the lawyers to delay his lifetime ban for quite a long time.

  6. Rob Wilshusen

    What Johan said about Landis is very true. Even Walsh admits that if Armstrong had never came back and if Landis had not been forced out, this whole saga would never have happened. There is a story out there that says Landis pissed Armstrong off and Johan dumped a blood bag down the toilet. That was pretty much the end for Landis. http://archive.mensjournal.com/floyd-landis

  7. SalRuibal

    The Smiling Cobra. He’s right about Lance’s comeback and Floyd’s hissy-fit. Hubris will bite you on the ass every time.

  8. Bill K

    I’m sure that Johan feels that everone over there was cheating, and that he was just better at it, than everyone else.

  9. Go Blackhawks!

    The hell of it will always be getting caught. Its not the cheating.
    Not only will he be back in circulation, he will be commanding big bucks, and working with the best GT riders. Allez!

  10. Mr.Frack

    I have been saying that for years. If Lances’s xxl ego would have stayed in check he would have been a world class hero and the true believers would have forever thought he won 7 Tours not on drugs where everyone else was lying and cheating like bandits. Now we have to think that boy Tyler and Floyd were semi truthful in their admissions and telling the world the whole team was dirty. Now Lance and the bunch are tarnished for life.

  11. Touriste-Routier

    But if Lance didn’t come back, how would we all be “aware” of cancer?

  12. Sketchy Wheel

    Lance started under Och, work that angle or all this selective outrage is bit moot


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