Doctor’s Visits all Day, then Gonna try to Race

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Today is going to be busy. I have a long PT session this morning with Burt over at Rebound at 9am. Then I have to empty my van and reload it to get ready to head down to Harrison Arkansas for the Crawdad Kermesse. At 2 pm, I’m doing a couple hours of allergy tests. If I don’t do it tomorrow, then I can’t get in until late June.

The last time I did allergy testing was in the early 80’s. I went up to La Crosse, Wis. and saw Greg Lemond’s father-in-law, Dr. David Morris. He pricked my back in a grid pattern, something over a 100 different things and I was allergic to every single one of them except formaldehyde. The nurse told me that it was a bad thing to be allergic to. New carpet, clothing, furniture, etc. was packed in it. Anyway, my back and arms looked like I had gigantic hives all melted together. I remember telling him I thought if he just injected water under my skin I though it would swell up.

I took sublingual drops for maybe a year, but never felt any different. Maybe it’s all a waste of time, but I feel like I should be a little proactive this year with health things, so I’m going to try it again.

I did a blood test a couple days ago and got the results. I was hoping for something bad, but the only thing was high cholesterol. But, I guess you can divide your total cholesterol by the HDL and if the ratio is less than 3.5, then you’re okay. I’ve never heard of that before, but I heard it from a doctor today and since my ratio is 2.4, then I guess I’m okay. I’ll post the results below, as usual. If anyone sees anything out of wack, let me know.

So, after the allergy thing, Bill and I are driving to Kansas City and supposedly picking up Catherine and heading down to Harrison Arkansas. Catherine has been at a business conference in Palm Springs the last few days and isn’t flying in until late this afternoon, so she is going to be a little beat. But, we’re all under raced, even Bill. I’ve been riding like shit the last week, but felt a little better riding in the heat yesterday, so maybe I’ll be just mediocre. I’ll take mediocre now. I haven’t raced in close to 4 months now and didn’t ride for 2 of those, so it is going to be like February fitness for me. Gotta start somewhere, might as well be on a hard course.

Seems sort of strange that I found this box on a book shelf, just yesterday.  It is from Dr. Morris, sending me allergy medicine down to Austin.

Seems sort of strange that I found this box on a book shelf, just yesterday. It is from Dr. Morris, sending me allergy medicine down to Austin.

bloodtest5:13 copy

bloodtest2-5:13 copy

7 thoughts on “Doctor’s Visits all Day, then Gonna try to Race

  1. Nathan


    Take a look at this,…had both Dad and a good friend of mine lower their cholesterol because they were in the 230’s. Both had terrible side effects,….

  2. BUD

    Get an NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonance) test for the cholesterol. You can get that done at labcorp, I believe. Maybe see a lipid specialist. A general practicioner may not know about, the test is relatively new.

  3. Linda

    “High cholesterol” is not necessarily a bad thing. All your sex hormones are made from cholesterol and it is used to counter inflammation. Your HDL is rocking and your triglycerides are great, both of which are far more important markers than total cholesterol or LDL. Good info online at if you want to do some reading. If you’re worried about heart issues, get a calcium scan of your heart and/or carotid arteries – that will tell you whether or not you have anything to worry about.

  4. Henry Haskell

    That good cholesterol — HDL — is crazy high. LDL is a little elevated, too, but you could probably persuade your doc to let you try dietary modification. It looks like you’re getting exercise already 🙂


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