ToC, Blood, then Food

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How about that Tour of California finish yesterday? Man, did those guys look beat. That last hill must of been unreal. Guys were losing 10 minutes in 3 miles. It had to of been the heat. It was somewhere well into the 100’s. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here is a link.

Yesterday, I got a bunch of stuff done. Worked on a car Bill’s car, which got smashed from behind and I’m getting for Michael Fatka. It is a 1999 Subaru Outback with 80K. Pretty reliable car. I put new brakes on it all around. The headlights were super foggy, plastic and I got one of those 3M buffer kits from the auto parts store. It worked crazy good. I’ll post some photos.

I’m in a rush now. I have physical therapy on my shoulder at 9 am. That is way too early for me. I told Burt, my PT guy, that it used to be that I was coming in for pretty much a shoulder and neck massage and now it is for a weight lifting session. Pitiful weight lifting, but still weight lifting. I liked the massage better.

Right after, I’m driving to Lawrence and getting a blood test. I figure since I haven’t eaten in two days, that would be interesting. I go to and it seems pretty cheap. I’m doing a CBC, iron, and cholesterol. If you have a LabCorp near you, the EnonoLabs work.

Then I’m eating. It has been 60 hours. I got a lot of flak on the comments yesterday about fasting for a couple days. I wasn’t doing it for any specific reason, just thought it might be interesting. Kind of like when Forest Gump decided to go run, for no “particular reason”. It is kind of fun trying new things out, switching it up a little. I am mildly surprised how easy it has been. No real hungry pains. The main issue is just not having the routine of eating and snacking, of course. It couldn’t hurt anything because I’m already in a Spring funk that seems to last into early Summer. I am going to go to an allergy doctor and address it though. I figure since I’ve obviously met my health insurance deductible, I might as well make use of it and catch up on some health issues I’ve been avoiding.

I’m going to eat at the First Watch. It is a chain, I believe. There is one in Lawrence. Pretty good breakfast selection. I’m not going back into eating slowly. Just gonna start eating, like when Forest decided to stop running.

It’s going to be 92 today here. Pretty warm for May, a record if it materializes. Nothing like yesterday in California, but hot enough. Okay, got to go.

Headlight before.

Headlight before.

Headlight after.

Headlight after.

New brakes.  I don't know why I keep posting photos of brake jobs.  I think it is because just looks so nice compared to before.

New brakes. I don’t know why I keep posting photos of brake jobs. I think it is because just looks so nice compared to before.

6 thoughts on “ToC, Blood, then Food

  1. Steve Wathke

    I just wondered why you were fasting. Thought maybe it was some secret weight loss plan! No flak here !

  2. Franz

    Maybe Michael will actually appear when he says he is coming to visit if he has a car.

  3. Ryan

    Make sure you put some sealant on those headlights or they will be foggy again in a few weeks.

  4. Justin

    Just wondering, you seem to do a lot of car stuff. Where do you get your parts and why?


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