UCI Needs an Overhaul

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I’ve sort of been on the fence, somewhat, about whether there has to be a complete cleaning of house at the UCI or just a decapitation. But, after reading this article at Cyclingnews, I think there has to be a total revamp of the organization. A complete flushing and new organization.

The article is about USADA doing blood testing before the Tour of California. I guess it is for the biological passport program. Whatever the reason, I have no idea why the UCI would announce a blood test before the race, other than to tell the riders and teams that they are doing just that. It is announcing to the guys that they better get their numbers in order.

I saw another article somewhere that said that many riders haven’t done a test for the biological passport for over a year and a half. So, I’d assume, many riders are somewhat lax about keeping their blood numbers exact. But, the UCI has fixed that by announcing a pre-race blood test. Anyone come up with another reason for this?

Travis Tygart, USADA’s CEO agrees- “You don’t want to announce that. That’s a PR move, not an effective anti-doping strategy. That tells riders you’d better ensure you don’t show up or what you do is not detectable from the passport process.”

I’m sick of it. The biological passport is bullshit, as is most of the testing. Pre announcing blood test, weeks in advance of an event, goes to show you just how valueless the program is.

From the release of all these confessions, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to not get caught doping in cycling. Tyler and Floyd did get “caught”, but I would bet you a million dollars there was something else going on there, not just positive testing. But, that is maybe buried forever, we’ll never know.

Anyway, obviously, the UCI has no intention of changing. I’m embarrassed being part of an organization that condones such actions. Yes, we as members of USAC, which is under the UCI, really are part of it. Maybe it is about time that USAC pulls an Oregon and leave the UCI? Oregon left USAC and the racing there is as healthy as ever, maybe more so. If USAC did that, I’d bet it would get some attention for sure. If not, then I guess it will be the same old BS for a while longer.

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11 thoughts on “UCI Needs an Overhaul

  1. channel_zero


    USAC isn’t a member directed organization. It isn’t interested in growing grassroots racing at the Executive level. Thom Wiesel owns USAC, and seems fully committed to feeding the UCI’s pro road show. I’m not sure why that isn’t clear to you.

    The way the bio-passport system works, the UCI has total control of what riders are tested, what tests are performed, and IF the test results, even if they are positive, are used to open a case. It’s a sham all the way through.

    Outside of Oregon, there is one federation left, ABR. Something USAC members could do is contact their local promoters recommending abandoning USAC sanctioning and switching to ABR in 2014. Then the rider lets the USAC license lapse for 2014. Alternatively, the organizers can get their own event insurance and promote without a sanctioning body.

  2. Trey H.

    Hence my participation in DK200, local gravel races, and Crusher in the Tushar. UCI/USAC is a joke, albeit a really bad (sad) one.

  3. mike crum

    steve, you ought to just forget about commenting on drugs in cycling. they been cheating since eddy’s m days. all the pros…

  4. Rp

    Don’t leave the UCI, change it!
    Demand that it work the way it should, to promote clean and fair competition in cycling.
    If any riders are caught doping, it will make the UCI look bad, so, they are telling everyone to get their acts together.
    Don’t give up yet.
    It took Walsh and Kimmage almost 13 years to catch a thief.

  5. H Luce

    To reform UCI all you have to do is convince the major players to voluntarily give up money, potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not a million, and power. Good luck with that.

  6. seis_pendejos

    USAC won’t split from the UCI. There is too much power and too much funding from the USOC at stake. I wonder how Pat McDonough genuinely feels about it? He wasn’t part of the 7-Eleven cabal like Carmichael, Petty, Gorski, Ochowicz, etc.

  7. Skippy

    Cycling Ireland after announcing they would ” Support the Mc Quaid nomination ” , had to withdraw and then call the ” Extraordinary general Meeting ” that the MEMBERS wanted at the beginning of that farce !
    NOW swiss cycling has stepped up to ” nominate ” phat the rat ” , so yesterday C.I. tried explaining their Original Position . Obviously they realise they are in the crapper with THEIR members ? Not being a member i can only look on !

    Cycling Ireland , needs to complete the EGM , so that their members can voice their DISAPPROVAL of phat the rat , thus making THOSE who have the ” RIGHT to VOTE ” , in September’s UCI Congress , aware of the depth of FEELING that UCI common members ( National Org. members ) have against the current UCI Constitution that virtually ensures only those connected with Nein fordruggen & his select crew , a place at the top table !

    LONG OVERDUE is the need for a NEW UCI Constitution , New Leadership and TRANSPARENCY !

    Whilst @Gaudryt is new to the Top Table , only appointed to Oceania this year , SHE could ONLY do a better job than the present incumbent ! Laughable that the Cycling Ireland Report of 16th May suggests that phat is responsible for progress in ” Parasport Cycling ” whilst he is trying to jettison it like he did with ” Masters ” , since they are not money spinners !

    As for the ” JOKE , biological Passport ” , 18 months of saving money by not TESTING the racers , that is a really CLEVER way to save money ? Of course we ALL know that a ” positive ” does not necessarily mean a ” sanction “, perhaps the shuffling of a few brown paper bags , can influence the decision ?

    TIME that ALL those interested in Cycle Racing TOLD their National Delegates , to either VOTE phat OUT , OR take a powder and let someone ETHICAL stand in their place !


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