Weird Ride

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I didn’t get out until this afternoon. I didn’t have an exact plan, was going to just ride by feel. And I felt shitty leaving, so I stopped at the first coffeeshop to see if that would change something. It didn’t. I had been reading about how all the allergies in Austin are bad right now, so I thought maybe that was the deal.

I rode out West to Bee Caves and stopped at a Walgreen’s and bought some allergy medicine. I took one and kept going. This is the first in my life I’ve done that. Anyway, the wind was from the northwest and I had to ride that way to go back across the dam and back in. I’m not sure if I rode into the ride or what, but did feel remarkably better coming back.

I found two tools on the shoulder. That isn’t so unusual, but the tools I found seemed strange. I found a 10mm and 13mm open end wrenches. These are the tools I’ve used the most of all the auto tools I’ve used. A 10 and 13 are the most common bolts on a VW. The 10mm fits all the shrouding and the 13 fits a lot of things.

Another thing weird was my max speed. It was pretty windy, not Kansas windy, but pretty Austin windy and it must of switched to the west only, because coming back on 2222, down the hill off of 620, I had a max speed of over 60 mph. I knew it seemed quick, my eyes were watering pretty good, but it didn’t seem that fast. It is strange seeing a speed that high. The 50’s is normal, but over 60 is unusual. Especially in the midwest. (It’s on the latest Strava download to the right.)

Anyway, it was a nice day to ride. I only rode 2 hours, hoping to get in a big ride tomorrow. My shoulder is sore, but I don’t think I’m doing anything bad to it riding, so I’m not stressing.

The wrenches.  Only one is a Craftsman.  (I know Ann, "What are those doing on my kitchen counter?)

The wrenches. Only one is a Craftsman. (I know Ann, “What are those doing on my kitchen counter?)

Seemed to make me feel better, but you know how that is, you never know.

Seemed to make me feel better, but you know how that is, you never know.

9 thoughts on “Weird Ride

  1. Brent Findlay

    Tools make the best “shoulder primes,” though on occasion I’ve found a little cash and once I did happen upon a huge, scary sex toy in the middle of nowhere. Good to hear you’re spending more time on the bike.

  2. Bill K

    That must have been some hill.

    I’ve got to go up to Blue Mound or Baraboo, in Wisconsin to even get into the 50’s.

  3. Scott

    When I was going to school in Wichita Falls, TX we had a training rout we called the porn route. We always found different magazines on the shoulder of the road. There was usually a very diverse collection.

  4. The Cyclist

    The only things I’ve ever found is dead squirells. Why can’t ppl bury the poor suirrels that they kill so I don’t have to stop and do that for them?

  5. Jim D.

    I have found a 25 caliber gun, long since traded away. So small it be easier to shoot your self accidentally than anything your aiming at. A handyman Jack, hid it in the weeds came back and got it later with a car. At least a couple of dozen tools of different sizes and types. I think there are auto repair shops that take test drives and leave tools under the hood, no wonder they find tools behind after surgeries. Lots of single gloves in the winter, if your lucky you find one then the other. It helps if you ride slow as me and not a good idea to slam on your brakes in a group to pick up something. Happy hunting. Jim

  6. lalla

    @Scott That route is still there. The name is gone, but that magazines keep showing up!

  7. Matthew

    Found and iPad a month or so ago. It had been run over though. Someone must have drove off with it on the roof of the car.

    Be careful with the Wal-Zyr. I assume it’s generic Zyrtec. I had weird dreams when I took it. Stopped when the alligators in the bathtub were attacking me.

  8. Rob Bell

    I found 3 iPhone4s on 3 different rides, back when the 4 first came out. One was broken beyond repair. One had a good back glass but the screen was broken. This phone was password protected and I couldn’t crack the code. One other phone was in prisitine shape. It was also password protected, but the owner used “1,2,3,4” as the code. I was able to get it and call “Mom” and ride it back to the correct owner. I’ve never found an android phone, and I haven’t seen any iPhone5s laying around.

    I’ve also found a number of pliers, wrenches, and screw drivers. My wife found a hatchet and tossed that in her pocket. She rode about 30 miles with it on a icy day…probably not the best decision, but it’s a nice hatchet!

    I found a cool smith and wesson knife in a really bad section of town. I boiled it, hoping that would kill anything that was still alive. Two weeks later I cut my thumb with it….glad i took the time to clean it!


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