Back in Kansas

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I’m back in Kansas today. Modern transportation never ceases to amaze me. I got in some pretty good miles in California, but I’m a ways off from racing.

Seems like I missed a bunch of the burning, which is a major reason to skip out of Kansas this time of year. But, it’s been raining the last two days so they couldn’t burn then. That’s a drag.

I got a text from Brian and he’s heading down to Austin this weekend to ride a Leadville qualifier, The Austin Rattler 100km. He’s trying to drag Bill down there with him. I wish I could go.

I’m going to do some FaceTime with my orthopedic surgeon, Stacie, to show off all the progression I’ve made on my shoulder. We’ll see what she thinks, but to me it is way slow going. I have PT tomorrow with Burt. That is going to be interesting.

Vincent is in town for a few days, do that should be fun. I hear Dennis might be heading back with his dog, Hawkeye, too.

The weather in Topeka hasn’t really warmed up, but the weekend looks alright. I like Spring in general, but it really hasn’t made it here yet.

This is the house out of the movie Top Gun, up in Oceanside. They moved it and now it is just sitting on the ground.

I finally got a ride in Don’s Ferrari. It was a blast.

This is Sue and Big Dave. I hadn’t seen Dave for decades. He was Broz’s roommate back in the Wheaties/ Schwinn days.

This is the wallpaper at an Italian restarant in La Jolla. Sporting inspirational motif.


It is never ending.

First Tesla dealer I’ve seen.

California is first for everything.


Point Loma from the air.

3 thoughts on “Back in Kansas

  1. Oleg

    Was that you in la Jolla by Brockton villa on Wednesday around 8:30 or 9am? Is that ucsd pub in the photo? Also, which Italian restaurant has sports slogans?

    Enjoy your blog, a lot. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ted L

    Funny you mention the Tesla. I was making the rounds dropping the kids off at school this morning and there was a Tesla Model S behind us dropping their son off at the high school. First one I’ve ever seen too. In Omaha, Nebraska no less. I wonder where they get it serviced when it needs it?

  3. Peter Feather

    Steve — As always, I enjoy your blog. I’m glad the shoulder is healing. My wife had rotator cuff surgery resulting from two bike crashes. It took a long time to heal. She says its still not 100%, but better than it was before surgery.

    BTW — Those guys on your flight look like Sihks. An Indian religion not related to Moslem. They were kind of the warrior class in the day. That’s why both arm rests were his dammit. You’re lucky that the airport security guys took away his Kirpan.

    In the DC area, 85% of cab drivers seem to be Sikhs. I have no idea whay that is.


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