Peter Sagan – Ass Grabber

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Peter Sagan resorted to ass grabbing, after getting his ass handed to him/spanked by Fabian Cancellara at the Tour of Flanders yesterday. I happened upon the uproar of this all and thought it was just a childish joke by a guy that obviously like to showboat. But, after looking at some of the photos and finding the picture below of his taste of t-shirts, I’d have to say that the dude wasn’t raised correctly. The only excuse I could come up with for his shirt statement would be that he can’t read English, but that is very doubtful.

Seriously, he made a huge mistake here on the podium. He should, and does know better. He is young and flamboyant, but this way steps over the line. Unless, by chance, Peter and the blonde podium girl the bestest of friends, and even then it doesn’t work because it is super disrespectful to Fabian Cancellara. The kid isn’t really just a kid, 23 years old, so I have to chalk this up to just a real bad mistake. Hopefully he learns from it, knocks off the buffoonery and polishes up his off the bike antics.

He face shows it all.

He face shows it all.

Actual contact was made.

Actual contact was made.

I wonder what he thought waking up and putting on this shirt?

I wonder what he thought waking up and putting on this shirt?

35 thoughts on “Peter Sagan – Ass Grabber

  1. Jack Sparks III

    what would you have done Mr Tilford had you been in Fabians spot at that moment?

  2. charlie

    Wow…the kid in the blue shirt has it goin on. You should have told him “Hey kid, I got this girl problem. Cant seem to beat them off with a stick, they just wont leave me alone. Can I borrow your shirt and face…that should do the trick.”

  3. wojtek

    Yep, the culture in Europe is different than US. While grown man wear Speedo, mostly children resort to baggy shorts, totally useless for swimming.
    Women sunbathe topless just about everywhere.
    It may or may not refer to Sagan.

  4. Mike

    In most jobs, that kind of behavior has disciplinary action- including for professional athletes. His employer should respond accordingly (other poster: There is a huge difference from being a model whose paid to look good and draw attention to having somebody grab you ass unsolicited. Talk about comparing apples to oranges).

  5. velocodger

    So, we Americans get all hot and bothered by a sexist practice being made fun of? No wonder the rest of the world sees us as sanctimonious hypocrites. If sexism upsets people, then speak to the practice of podium “Girls”, umbrella “girls”, whatever. I prefer to see women racers, not podium “girls”, myself. Let’s get a conversation going about getting women’s racing on TV, ect, rather than dogpile on a young guy obviously a little out of his depth.

  6. chris

    Yeah, the “culture” in europe sure is different from the US. And a nice thing for Cannondale to learn it the hard way. Not only will local US bike shop owners with fully stocked Cannondale inventories, at the beginning of a new season, have to explain to pissed off customers why their major brand’s pro-superstar/runner-up’s chauvinist assgrabbings shouldn’t play any part in their daughter’s deliberations over which brand to consider, let alone which sport to continue to participate in this year, they will have to explain to their accountants why they have a shitload of unmovable Supersix’s in the basement in the middle of December 2013.

  7. Anton

    Like Tiger Woods – “Winning takes care of everything” is the only attitude to have.

    Whether it’s Wall Street, our Politicians or some cyclist that 99.9% of the world will never even know about.

  8. channel_zero

    While I agree it is one sexist display for another, the podium girl makes obvious the male version of “to the victor goes the spoils” concept in winning the competition.

    My answer is the girls should start grabbing @ss, or whatever the girl equivalent would be. I’m okay with scantily clad podium dudes too. But, we’ve been conditioned to believe that’s not how women think. Let’s hear from the women on this. If grabbing a man-cheek is not okay, then what is?

    BTW, the model’s job in this instance is not to make a scene about herself on that podium. If she wants to be employed as a model, she can’t be honest if it was an issue for her either. Don’t look to her for (dutch??) feedback.

  9. bud

    thought it was april fools….but way to tasteless. that shirt is like your bumper sticker post the other day. have to wonder what ppl are thinking (or not thinking).

  10. Rad Renner

    In certain legal situations (and perhaps in this one), Sagan’s behavior would constitute sexual assault. This is so far beyond merely “tasteless” and should not be tolerated at all. I would expect that the “podium girl” will sue Sagan, and certainly win. This is such egregious behavior that if I were the CEO of Cannondale, then I would demand that this team fire Sagan forthwith. This is not the kind of publicity that companies are looking for when they hire someone to represent their brand. I now have no respect for Sagan, and never will.

  11. Eugene Filbertstein

    So this really isn’t and April Fools story, WOW.

    I dont mind a little crass or rude humor, but the shirt is not even FUNNY, at all. I think I’m getting “old”.

  12. Michael Smith

    @Chris: Just like all those unsold Trek bikes following the LA/US Postal debacle…. oh wait, that didn’t happen ! Furthermore, if the UCI had any credibility left, they would fine and suspend him to send a clear message. The professional women cyclist should demand it.

  13. Calvin Jones

    Ironic this is on the heels of Tilford’s post of “Does Sponsorship work in Cycling?” This certainly got some attention and pushed some buttons, possibly disproving the worn out adage of “Any press is good press.”

  14. H Luce

    If he’d have been wearing the tshirt on the podium, that would be inappropriate and grounds for dismissal. That’s not the case. If it’s not appropriate for the grabass manuever on the podium, it’s equally not appropriate to have the girls up there, either. As for the shirt at the gas station, maybe he ought to be wearing a tshirt with the Rolling Stones logo and the words “Can’t get no satisfaction” … probably closer to the truth, anyway. He’s not identified with the team – no jersey, no logo, so he’s on his own time there and he’s pretty much got the right to wear what he pleases.

  15. G

    Say what you want about ass grabbing, but I’m pretty sure that at least these new generation guys have enough character to be racing clean. I mean, that’s what everybody’s saying. Right?

  16. Euro

    Stupid thoughts Chris. I seriously doubt a single customer will decide not to buy a Cannondale based on Sagan’s miscue. Who cares anyway? It’s just sport. However, if you hear of a dealer marking his Super 6’s way down in October, in a size 58, please let me know!

  17. Euro

    Everyone who is so upset needs to get off their high horse and loosen up. Who cares? he didn’t pull her dress down. Big deal.

  18. Mike

    I already commented once, I can’t believe I’m commenting again…but anyway…
    It’s the models’ JOB to be up there doing their thing, just like at a car show, on television, or whatever. Saying their JOB is a sexist thing is the same thing as saying having attractive people on television or pictured in magazines is sexist. Are you saying that?

    I would be fired from my JOB if I grabbed a co-worker’s ass.

  19. ted

    It’s course adjustment. The kid has been given all kinds of positive feedback for all kinds of edgy behavior – The Hulk, wheelies at the summit, and so on. He overstepped now, and he’s rightfully getting crushed for it. Now he can step back and mature. Still a good bike rider, though.
    The T-shirt is repellant, and the Web makes sure he’ll get punished for it. Hopefully it’s a growing-up moment.
    I teach college and he’s pretty much like all the 22-yr-old knuckleheads I deal with.

  20. Bill K

    The only problem that Peter Sagan has, is that he’s an ass. Everyone is an ass sometimes, some people are asses all the time.

  21. murf

    When he put on the shirt he was thinking…

    With this shirt I’m going to meet my kind of people.

  22. David

    Slow news day Mr. Tilford? I can’t believe you wasted a blog post on this BS.
    And anyone who thinks that this display will slow the sales of Super Six’s or any other C’dale bike, wake up. No one gives a rat’s ass what goes on on the podium.
    Fire Sagan over this??????? This kid is the future of cycling and bringing in TONS of publicity and media coverage. Only a FOOL would kick this money machine off a team.

  23. JoJo Mo

    I see what Ted described everyday too. (Work with 18-24 year old guys and you’ll see.)
    Anyway, it is good he got so many negative comments so he had to pay attention to them. Hopefully he’ll remember this and learn from it. I do think he is over his head a bit and does some actions to compensate for his lack of verbal skills…he does like playing to an audience to communicate.
    I don’t mind his finish line celebrations though. Great to hear everyone’s reactions. Glad Steve posted this.

  24. DJracer`

    Give the “KID” a break. As anyone that age I am sure you yourself made mistakes. He is an awesome bike rider and is also someone who likes to have fun and is in the spotlight. Every stumble will be blown up by people like you. Oh… I forgot… you never made mistakes… right? Your lucky they didnt have the internet, twitter, facebook, etc when you were racing in the big time. Oops, thats right, you never raced in the same League Sagan is racing in… sorry.

  25. Rad Renner

    DJracer, quite simply, you’re an idiot. It’s no wonder you are making excuses for Sagan’s bad behavior. And if you unfamiliar with Steve’s curriculum vitae, then why are you even logging onto this site?


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