Ride with Gary Fisher

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If you’re anywhere near Kansas City on Monday, you’ll either want to put in for a few hours of vacation time or just play hooky on Monday morning to go for a ride with Gary Fisher. The guys over at the Trek Stores of Kansas City sent me an invite and I’m inviting all you. The ride will be from the new Trek Store in Independence on Monday, March 18th from 8am-10am. If you can’t make the ride, then on Monday night, there is a gathering at the Trek Store from 7-9 pm. Free Boulevard Beer will be flowing. I’m going to try to make it over for the evening festivities since the riding is off limits. Here’s the official invite-

Come chat it up and drink a beer with this cycling legend, then hit the trails at Landal! Mr. Fisher is here to help raise funds for ERTA (Earth Riders Trails Association, Inc.), a recreational trails advocacy group created to increase the quantity and quality of sustainable singletrack trails throughout the Midwest.

Ride bikes with Gary Fisher – 8am-10am. The trails won’t be dry by March 18th so we will be meeting at the Trek Store in Independence to ride the gravel or road. Come prepared. it will be leisurely so people can talk with Gary as we ride.
The Store’s address is;
18675 E 39th Street South
Independence, MO

Drink beer and chat it up – 7pm -9pm at the Independence Store. Beer is being supplied by KC’s own Boulevard Brewing company. They have graciously donated two 16 gallon kegs for the event. Be one of the first 144 people to make their donation online to secure your own ERTA mug to help us drink all the beer.

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