Sleeping Away Valentines Day, hopefully

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Today has went a little better. I’ve made a deal with the doctor that I’ll stay and use his physical therapy ace, Dirk, for a least two weeks. This ups the odds of cutting an enormous amount of recovery time off the process, but nothing is guaranteed.

I’m out of the hospital and am so zonked. I’m heading to a chair right now and am going to pass out hopefully. I’ve never be a big participate of pain pills, but I’m all over this protocol. I just took a Valium, on top of Oxycontin and Oxycodone, so I should be good for a least a few hours.

So, I hope everyone is planing something special for a significant other today. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or over the top. Just something that shows appreciation and feelings. Here is an example of that Summit County style. Or if you’re looking for a present still, this guy just might still be available. Okay, Happy Valentines Day!



5 thoughts on “Sleeping Away Valentines Day, hopefully

  1. SpinDr

    Glad to hear things are going better for you today. Having been through my own shoulder issue recently, just a word of caution regarding pain pills. They have a tendency to cause serious constipation, which is never pleasant, and even worse when you are healing from surgery. Go easy with the pills, and drink plenty of water.
    Happy healing.

  2. NJRoadie

    SpinDr is right about constipation. The mixture of anesthesia and pain meds stops up the GI tract. Water will not be enough; by all means add some metamucil and senecot to the mix. Even if you think that you are in the clear, the constipation can sneak up on you.

    I had a nasty crash where I broke my collarbone, 6 ribs and the scapula. My lung was also punctured by one of the broken ribs. I was in the hospital for 6 days on the pain meds you listed above. After I got home from the hospital I nearly die on the toilet from constipation. You should be happy to avoid that by eating high fiber foods, lots of water, metamucil and senecot.

  3. Mike

    Senokot and three bowls of Raisin Bran. That’s the ticket. Take the pills. You’re not an addict and pain slows healing and just makes things worse. Listen to the experts; they’re probably smarter than you and at least have different facts in their heads.
    I evidently am an expert at messing arms up (four surgeries on the left arm, three after getting hit high speed by a car on bike, Tommy John after a massive elbow dislocation mtb-ing). It will get better.


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