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I spent the last week doing a sport that is very challenging, frustrating, rewarding, dirty, not the least bit glamorous, and barely a niche sport here in the United States. Cyclocross. We then drove back from Louisville to Topeka, talking about the races pretty much the entire 9 hours. Just back in time to catch the last half of the Super Bowl. Another sport, but this one is brutal, physical, majestic at times, and nearly unbelievably popular here in the US. Football. If you add up all the money that every cyclocross racer in the world makes, it wouldn’t come close to matching the salary of just one, high paid, professional football player.

We humans think that we are the shit when it comes to athletics. But, as I’ve said before, there is hardly a mammal alive that isn’t naturally more physically fit and agile than the best trained human.

I have so much stuff mulling around in my noggin that I can’t really sort it out right now. I am more physically, and mentally, tired than I can remember recently. So, I’m going to take Bromont around the block and then head to bed.

Here is an example of how beautiful and awe inspiring an animal can be. You don’t have to watch the whole thing, just a little will give you the taste. I could watch this all day.

Cheetahs on the Edge–Director’s Cut from Gregory Wilson on Vimeo.

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  1. Bernd Faust

    Beautiful, graceful, fantastic….that’s why I would like to see some Gorilla’s in a football game. No silverback, just some young adolescent ones. There would be no foul play, head to head hits, facemask grapping etc.. just clean tackles and never a substitute…..also no helmets and shoulderpats needed..therefore no big hits or headbutting just pure athletic tackling, clean cut and dry!
    Ashwednesday coming soon , so enjoy the days ahead…..big big big Mardi Gras action in germany right now in particular in the Rhineland..peaking ” an Altweiberfastnacht, Rosenmontag,fat tuesday” In Cologne “Koeln” f.e. the hardcore Ladies and Gent’s party thursday feb. 7th thru tues feb 12th that’s mammal like human behavior!

  2. Jeff

    Congrats Steve! Yes, an amazing day on Sat. I drove 858 miles to make it a one day trip. I was home Sunday morning and when I woke up, it really was like I had only dreamed it. Watching Nys bunny hop the barriers on the last lap to start his winning gap was too much. What a great day that I will probably never top!

  3. Calvin Jones

    Nice. We have much to learn from animal physiology and certainly psychology . Wait a minute, we are animals, what am I saying? Though it lacks the music, surely the youtube “Honey Badger” is closer to cx, no?

  4. James B

    The San Diego Wild Animal Park does a deal very simular to what’s in the video. A mechanical sled pulls a stuffed bunny down a 100 yard track between 60 & 70 mph, meanwhile the cheetah is in a crate, when the bunny passes the crate, the cheetah sprints after it (with absolutely no warm-up) at close to 70 mph. With my SLR camera on full auto, the pictures were still a blur. It was truly amazing.


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