Glad That’s Over With

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This morning went about as well as it could have. It was all pure wattage. I was hoping to get a big gap early and that is exactly what happened. I knew I was good after about 1/3 a lap, so it was fairly enjoyable riding around. As enjoyable as it can be riding 8 mph in 6 inch mud. There were no bike handling skills needed at all. I’ll post more later. Awards ceremonies late this afternoon.


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22 thoughts on “Glad That’s Over With

  1. TTT

    Congratulations! It must be an amazing feeling to cross the line knowing you’ve won a world title.

  2. Bill K

    Damn, you made it look like you were sandbagging in some Cat 5 Masters race in Podunk, USA.

  3. JH Higgins

    You are officially the 2013 World Champion in Cyclecross masters 50-54, congratulations! You are a tough mo fo too.


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