15 thoughts on “New Podium Shot

  1. Calvin Jones

    Allow me to kick of this one off. Mr. Tilford here I assume has developed skills at Photoshop(R) or equivalent and included Mr. Armstrong as a janitor or custodian. In first viewing of the image, I did not recognize LA, and was unsure what to make of it. I assume here the idea is Lance Armstrong is sweeping the floors of races, etc., to make up for the reported $75,000,000 deficit in his income. However, perhaps not oddly, on first seeing the image, I first related to the sweeper here, not to the other podium placers. There are different personality types in this world, and hence our sport. There are those that view service to others as something worthwhile. To be an elite athlete, from my viewing, is to be in some regards self-centered and selfish. I have been observing this now for over 30 year, and I would say it this is necessary, as you must win. This is not a negative statement of our cyclists, you must think you are the best and you need to win. Athletes- this is your job, metaphorically and literally. But sweeping the floors is something that is also needed and is also important. Perhaps some community service might be useful for the center of in this ongoing soap opera. Service to the sport, service to others, this is something that I hold dear. Cycling will continue, but we will have work to do. Cleaning up the mess that we have is no a small thing, but it will shape the future of this sport.

  2. e-RICHIE

    >>> Cleaning up the mess that we have is no a small
    >>> thing, but it will shape the future of this sport.

    No past dopers, caught, admitted, or anything related, should be allowed a second chance to be near a team, on a team, run a team, or own a team atmo.

  3. Calvin Jones

    The image is funny in the “man bites dog” sort of way. Assume minimum wage at $7.25, that is 10,344 hours of corner marshaling for the $75,000,000 mark.

  4. Touriste-Routier

    I guess this just proves the point that some people will resort to anything to be in a podium position.


  5. Calvin Jones

    Okay, slow on the upbeat here. Now I get it. Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and as a consequence the National Day of Service. Wonder how he is spending the day.

  6. Ted

    Calvin – you may want to add 3 more zeros to that hourly total to hit the $75 million mark. 10,344,000 hours @ $7.25/hour. Not trying to be ‘high brow’ or anything along those lines. Just trying to point out how large of a sum of money $75 million is.

  7. tilford97 Post author

    Msharp-Sure,steals way. And Calvin, you’re off by a factor of 1000. It would be 10,344,000 hours or 1,293,103 work days or 5,173 years of work at minimum wage.

  8. Rod Lake

    Was it a coincidence he’s dressed in an orange jumpsuit? Maybe we’ll get to see him picking up trash along some of our favorite cycling routes.


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