Surgery is the Word of the Day

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Short update. I spent all day bouncing around between medical buildings. In the meantime, Catherine rode her bike to the urgent care clinic the morningand next thing I know, Trudi was taking her to the hospital where she had to have surgery because of her crash. I guess her lung collapsed and didn’t refill, allowing air/fluid behind it. So, she is in the hospital until Monday with a tube in her chest. I have a huge tear in my rotator cuff cartilage that won’t repair on its own, so I need surgery too. More later. Okay, I have more stuff to do, but didn’t see any bike racing today, which is a drag.

Catherine's x-ray.

Catherine’s x-ray.

My x-ray.  But, I needed a MRI to show the damage.

My x-ray. But, I needed a MRI to show the damage.

7 thoughts on “Surgery is the Word of the Day

  1. Neil Kopitsky

    Is it a full thickness tear of the supraspinitas tendon? Ouch!! But it actually makes more sense than a seperated shoulder. I was trying to figure out how anyone could finish a cross race with a seperated shoulder. Still, I don’t know how you finished with the tear without getting xylocaine injections in the pits. Pure toughness. Congrats on yet another jersey. Any chance with the surgery to compete at Worlds’?

  2. Jim D.

    That pic at the coffee shop sure didn’t show all the “fun” to come. I hope the healing can start soon. Jim

  3. Bev Enslow

    Oh so sorry to hear of both Catherine and your injuries. I came home with some purple bruising and strains from my crashes, but I’m gonna be thinking about how they ain’t nuthun’ compared! I wish you both rapid recoveries.

  4. mike

    nice to see your improvement over these last weeks ending with a win yesterday, but equally disappointing to read of the damage post-crash. i wanted to see your result in three weeks. heal fast,

  5. Big E

    I’m so sorry for the bad luck both of you had. No fun. You have one gnarly looking collar bone in your x-ray. How many times have you broken that or was it once really bad?


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