Master’s Cyclocross Nationals Results

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Won, but did damage. The course was treacherous. Beyond treacherous. I have an orthopedic surgeon appointment at 9:30 tomorrow morning. Perfect. I’ll write more later.

photo by:@timothytee

7 thoughts on “Master’s Cyclocross Nationals Results

  1. devin

    Wow and with a hurt wing you could still get your arms in the air.. Great Job out there,,, Sorry for the pain of crashing.. Party ON!!

  2. Rod Lake

    Max, they’re naming a car after Steve but it’s an antique. Sorry Steve, he teed it up for me so I had to take a swing. Congrats. Hope the appointment brings good news.

  3. Joe Christman

    Congrats Steve on the win! I hope that you didn’t damage your shoulder too much, but the finishing picture looks good. Couldn’t tell you did anything. Speedy recovery!

  4. tom bengel

    I sure hope you did not tear the rotator cuff. I did. I’m not in Verona cause my shoulder surgery was Tuesday. Again hope you’re not in for this long recovery I’m in for.


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