McLaren Names Car after Mark Cavendish

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I was just surfing around and found this article about the automobile manufacturer, McLaren, naming their new 2013 MP4-12C, after Mark Cavendish. They are even painting the car a “green jersey” satin that changes up in the sunlight. Those guys from England getting sports car named after them and being knighted is a step up for the sport, for sure.

Mark with the car named after him.

Mark with the car named after him.

9 thoughts on “McLaren Names Car after Mark Cavendish

  1. Ron

    Does anybody else look to see who’s driving when they see a “Tilford” vehicle going down the highway in the Midwest? Haha. Love the blog.

  2. Ken Webb

    Actually, they only named the color after him. The car is still the MP4-12C.

    What’s with the luggage?

  3. The Cyclist

    And a few years on when they all come clean as dopers will it still be a step up for the sport?

  4. The Cyclist

    The shape of this car makes me think of Leipheimer and how his extraordinary TT abilities were explained by his extremely low frontal area and the way he could make himself more aerodynamic than anybody else in the peloton. Behold the extremely aerodynamic shape of the McLeipheimer. Don’t they explain Cavendish’ sprinting top speed in a similar way too? Sure, no magic. Just plain aerodynamics.


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