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I am having a hard time getting motivated for the Madison trip for Cyclocross Nationals. Maybe I’m just looking at the pessimistic side, but it looks like it’s going to be a mess weather-wise, for the majority of the week. Yesterday,I posted a couple photos of the snow removal process going on currently. It is so hard promoting a bike race, especially in a Northern climate in January. But, the weather is going to change for the worse or better, depending on how you view it.

Starting Monday in Madison, the highs are supposed to be above freezing. Worse than that, it is supposed to be sunny for the first three days. Then on Thursday, when I’m doing my first race, it is supposed to be in the upper 30’s and raining. I don’t rely on forecasts a week out normally, but if this is anywhere near correct, then there is going to be a ton of walking/not riding on the course. I really don’t see how they can change the course to remove the climbs, which were pretty hard to climb last year without anywhere near as much snow/water on the course.

I made some spikes to put in my shoes in case it is was going to be icy in Madison. Maybe I’ll use them for the weekend, when the temperatures are supposed to drop back down into single digits.

I made a pie last night too. I actually only made the crust, Trudi mixed up the innards, which was mainly apples and cranberries.

I have decided to drive up to Chicago on Saturday and race the UCI race there on Sunday. I’m not going great, but I haven’t had a opportunity to ride against Jonathan, Tim Johnson, Powers, etc., so I can’t think of any reason not to go. I don’t think I’m going to get any fitter training down here in Kansas and it is nice getting the drive over.

Okay, I had to get up early to go to the doctor this morning and am tired. I guess I have a mild infection in my right ear, but the guy pulled a big pile of something, I’m not sure what, out of it. Discharge? Whatever, it is nice knowing that my ear is clean and might feel better. I told him I wasn’t big on taking antibiotics and he said he could cut and drain it if I had any more problems, without taking any antibiotics.

So, I’m going to post this tonight and just go to sleep and sleep in.

Madison Extended Forecast

If there wasn't 2 feet of snow currently on the ground, this forecast would be perfect.

If there wasn’t 2 feet of snow currently on the ground, this forecast would be perfect.

I was messing with different spike options for icy running.

I was messing with different spike options for icy running.

I settled on stainless steel bolts sharpened on the grinder.

I settled on stainless steel bolts sharpened on the grinder.

Pie in the winter is especially good.

Pie in the winter is especially good.

The problem is it looks like this about 10 minutes out of the oven.

The problem is it looks like this about 10 minutes out of the oven.

Cats sure no how to sleep in the winter.

Cats sure no how to sleep in the winter.

Even thou 8 live here, sometimes it's hard to find one awake.

Even though 8 live here, sometimes it’s hard to find one awake.

The sunset yesterday was especially good.

The sunset yesterday was especially good.

11 thoughts on “Making Stuff

  1. Joe Weis

    WoW! What a life you live. A post about Weather, Ear Wax and building two of the most randomly different items: pie and spikes for cyclocross shoes. I am a daily ( some times multiple times a day) follower of this blog and thus your life. I have only commented once or twice as I would rather lurke than voice. Some of the things you write I am opposed to but it is my choice, each and every day to visit the site and live vicariously thru you. You life is so much different than mine and I value those differences. I also have not been able to ride in over a year and your bike stories keep me hopeful that someday I will be amble to get back on a bike and possibly show up to one of the random rides in Topeka. I would beone of those non-finishers but it would be a great thrill just to be a pary of the group you always write about. Good luck in your upcomming races know that you are doing something that a lot of us can only dream about. Even though your fitness is not where you want it you will have the opportunity to fight for USA and World Champion Titles and I wish you the best. Please keep writing. I value your words more thsn you will ever know. I may not slways agree but I will defend your right.

  2. Mike

    Yeah I agree with Joe. I like your home improvement posts as well. After many years of living in my house since my last bout of improvements I’m getting set start some new projects. That will keep me busy until it warms up a bit. I’ll ride my bike to work but I’m not going out for too many fun rides. I’m not a nut like you Steve. I like to cross train in the winter so I’ll get out for cross country skiing and snoeshoes while we have all this snow. Easier to stay warm than on the bike.

    Those spikes are great, Nice job and good luck racing 2013.

  3. Jay Christy

    Good luck with those changing race conditions. You’re a smart & versatile guy so I’m sure you’ll be up in front the whole race.
    What’s your take on that new Wellington, Kansas law about limiting the number of cats living in a house to only 4?

  4. Calvin Jones

    I was looking at that as well. My first thought–Blankets. Staff needs to bring every old horse blanket, army blanket, moving blanket they can find. Riders will want those for the start and right after they drop, I mean finish. As of 09:20, the www is predicting 22F on Sat with snow, and 19F with sun for Sunday. I will be using the little toe warmers for my boots in the wash area. If does get cold enough, you will find the washers in the polka tent.

  5. KU

    Nationals Course Update:
    Rode yesterday. Cleared and 90%-95% ridable. Hard pack and inconsistent snow (deep hardpack, grass/dirt showing, the lines criscross all over and are difficult to read because of the glare). The most difficult part will be the long, fast descent into the barriers; rutted and deep snow/pack pitched me all over–this part’s extra sketchy when the traction goes. Everything else is pretty straight forward. Crashing to off-course will put you into 2ft of powder. With the current snow, the first and longest climb is not ridable. It’s like riding entirely in half frozen sand.

    Regionals (10/6/2012) was 32deg and snowing, similar to what we’ll see next week, and on the same course layout. All the climbs were ridable, but reclipping and cassette clog were the biggest problems due to slush-mud build up.

    The biggest variable, for me at least, is how much more snow they will remove … if any.

  6. Ken Webb


    Glad to hear you’re coming up to Chicago for the race on Sunday. I will make an effort to come out and watch. Last time I saw you ride was 1975, and at that time, I was most likely behind you deparately trying to hang on to your wheel.

  7. Mark

    THANKS for not posting a picture of what they pulled out of your ear!

    Good luck at Nationals.

  8. Bill K

    Won’t be able to make it out Sunday (family stuff), but stop by the ABD tent for some homemade chili.
    Those spikes will be good Sunday, but you might need some “football type” spike on a muddy hill, next week.


  9. Mike Rodose

    Good luck in Chicago. The pie will serve you well. Some Pros are afraid of pie and they shouldn’t be.


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