Happy New Year!

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Hi. I raced in the snow and then hung with some good friends in Lawrence until the wee hours of today. I’m feeling a little beat, kind of under the weather, but not enough so that I didn’t want to get out and participate in the activities yesterday. But, I’m going to bed, so I’ll use the morning to post something more substantial. It snowed a few inches here and is supposed to be cold, so it’s not going anywhere very quickly. Hope everyone the best in this New Year.

Me, Joseph, & Shadd.

Racing in the snow, Crossing off the Old Year.

Bringing in the New Year with Prosecco.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Skippy

    Best wishes for the New Year to YOU & your readers .

    Read Amazon taster of the 7 11 book this am , met both Davis & Ron at TDF but wonder whether i have come across Eric heiden without realising who or what he was in the scheme of cycling .

  2. Bill K

    Bare legs in the snow?

    The guy behind you with tights is overkill, but some thin kneewarmers might save some wear and tear on your knees.
    Happy New Year


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