Racin’ again, Sort of, Hopefully

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I decided last night, after drinking a few glasses of wine, to commit to racing today in Louisburg, KS. It is only 80 miles away and is a new venue, so I thought why not. I do have lots of reasons why not, but some of those might be just made up, so I’d like to know if that is true. It rained Friday night/Saturday morning pretty good, but it was sort of spotty, so I have no idea whether the race will be dry, muddy or in between. I hope it is super slick and technical. Not that I have energy for a race like that, but when do you get to ride that stuff at speed unless it is in a race situation? I rode a little too hard yesterday to feel too great today in my current condition. We did 45 miles yesterday, but the wind was blowing pretty hard out of the Southwest. When we got back to the city limits, I had a 21.5 average speed (see Strava on right). That was pretty good considering how few of us were actually pulling. I’m a little hurt, to tell the truth.

The bike club’s annual Christmas party was last night at Nan and Adam’s house. That is where I’m helping redo the bathroom. Adam put in a cement bench and shelve yesterday. It looks good. The white elephant gift exchange has evolved into a pretty good gift exchange. I like that much better. My brother got a pair of Pearlizumi arm warmers. I ended up with a couple pounds of good coffee and a nice travel mug. I leave travel mugs all over the country, so having another is always a good thing. The party was great as always.

Anyway, I have to get the car packed up. I don’t race until 1:30. I haven’t even looked at the weather yet to see if it’s going to be nice. It really doesn’t matter much. It is what it is.

Cats are always fun to have around when there are presents present.

My friend Ian brought me this rubber band thing and showed me some stuff to do with it. Seems like it is only going to make me really sore for awhile.

It’s about ready to start sticking some tile up now.