8 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Rich

    I have not read MAD magazine since I was in grade school, but after seeing the cover I might have to go and buy this issue.

  2. bob kennedy

    Whoa! Too funny! The last MAD I had was taken away from me by Sister Agnes Dolores as being, in her words “Communist propaganda!” This ones on the wall in the shop TBS!

  3. The Cyclist

    Doesn’t he (dude on the MAD cover) look lot more like that other original cheat. What’s his name now… Floyd… somethin. Must be the retarded grin I guess. Many things can be said about Lance but I’m not sure he ever looked retarded. Funny anyhow.

  4. Jon Nelson

    @ Cyclist. That retarded face wasn’t supposed to look like Lance. That’s the Mad Magazine’s mascot Alfred E Newman. Lance might not look like a retard but his brain operates like one.

  5. Joe E

    Thats a great cover, I’m pretty sure that’s Tom Richmonds work. He is does most of the parodys and some of the covers for Mad now. I have met him at Comiccon several times and he is an awesome guy. Whats funny is he is built like a body builder, huge biceps, arms etc, dude obviously works out alot. I’m sure he got a special kick out of drawing this up. I’m getting a extra copy to get signed by Tom next year to replace my lance armstrong signed posters I took down and ebayed.


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