Al Jazeera interview with Doctor Ferrari

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How about this? “No evidence, no smoking gun about the accusations.” I guess he thinks that these American professional cyclists are very good liars and don’t mind to perjure themselves. The last bit about Lance never failing a dope test is a gem – “So, either he was clean – and in my opinion, he was clean and he says he was clean – or the tests are not powerful,” Ferrari added, before laughing: “Or the UCI was corrupt.”

3 thoughts on “Al Jazeera interview with Doctor Ferrari

  1. channel_zero

    Classy. Nothing like presenting three false choices as some sort of reality.

    How about Lancie was doped, the tests are not powerful and certainly Pat and Hein at the UCI are corrupt.

    For the casual reader, the IOC’s anti-doping system, the bio-passport is an IQ test. On top of that, the sports federation has total control over declaring positives and opening cases. As the Lance Armstrong and other anti-doping stories show, the UCI certainly is not above suppressing a few tests. So, go ahead and dope. Just don’t get caught.

  2. Terri Thater

    You think this is classic – read the interview with Chris Horner on Cyclingnews. That guy hit his head one too many times.

  3. Skippy

    With the Newtown tragedy on TV , i saw several trailors advising of this interview ! @vaughters said it best ” buckets of horseshyte “! How much did he pay AlJazeera , for them to allow him on their programme ?

    phat is busily slinging mud at Greg L. & Jaimie F. , but both came over as articulate with reasoned responses ! A great shame that Mike ashenden was not invited to join in the discussion ?

    The ” Anti Doping segment ” reminded me of the cancellation of the Womens Race in NZ , no reflection on Qatar BWTF , UCI say that NZ anti doping facilities are not of the same standard as this Arabian Dream ?


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