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My buddy, Michael Aisner emailed me and said that there is going to be a live video and audio forum on doping in the sport, from Boulder, Co with guest panelists, Timmy Duggan, Michael Aisner, Ruthie Matthes, Shawn Heidgen and Don Powell. I believe the live feed starts at 8 pm. CST, which is 7 pm MT. Click here for the link to live feed from Velonews. Should be interesting. If the video doesn’t work, click here for the audio.

5 thoughts on “Doping Forum Tonight at

  1. channel_zero

    It sounds like you did not get the memo Steve, Velonews has been the UCI’s doping codpiece for decades.

    Between ridiculous attempts to act as if USAC isn’t run like a fiefdom, timed to perfection journalistic bl0w j0bs with Pat McQuaid, and fueling the Lance myth, there is no room for redemption.

    Where’s Adam Myerson when you need him? Andy Shen? But, noooo. Heaven forbid there’s an acutal honest anything coming out of what’s left of VN.

  2. J.J.

    Is it possible that maybe a lot of the big stage races today are a little too BIG? I recently did a Wiki search on the history of doping in cycling? I was pretty much blown away by the crazy shit cyclists have been doing since the 1800’s! I understand that cyclists are doping for shorter races as well but 3 solid weeks of racing is a lot of stress on “anyone’s” body.

  3. channel_zero

    J.J. Shorter races won’t fix anything. Look at track and field’s doping spectacular, all done for as little as 50 meters.

    I listened for a few minutes and turned it off. I heard a chorus of “saw no doping, never got approached with dope, never got tempted to dope.” All of the athletes on the webcast are/were elite like I could only dream, but it’s still the same old UCI propaganda.

    I laughed out loud when the athletes started talking about having other goals. Right now, a *bunch* of elite Juniors are putting in Senior training hours with no plan after the dream most likely falls apart with coaches pushing hard.

  4. Mike Rodose

    Check out Pete Rose in the red NO DOPING helmet!

    Lance can now print NO GAMBLING on his lid!

    Very cool.


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