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I’ve always had a sort of healthy love/hate relationship with Adam. By that I mean that Adam and I agree on many aspects of the sport, but seem to rub elbows more often than seems normal. We often seem to end up at the same place at the same time during a race.

I don’t really know his background in the sport. I can’t remember the first time I met Adam. It seems like it must of been sometime after I “finished” racing MTB bikes on a full time scale. He was already a pretty okay rider by the time he showed up on my radar screen.

Adam rode a year or two with a bunch of my buddies from Oklahoma on the Mathis Brothers Pro Team. I ran into much more often back then. Plus, when I sort of got back into cross, we’d compete at most of the same UCI events.

Adam is one of only a handful of guys that have ever accused me of doping. And maybe the only one to do it in person. It was a rash statement, on his part, in the heat of the moment. And he was gracious enough to apologize for it later.

Adam might be the only guy I know that is publicly more vocal and opposed to doping in cycling than me. That is something. He obviously wears his heart on his sleeve. I have to applaud him for that. It isn’t an easy thing.

Anyway, I saw this video last night and thought it deserves some more views. If you happen to know Adam, it gives a glimpse into some of the things that make him tick and successful in the sport. If don’t know him, it’s a small view into a very complicated guy.

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15 thoughts on “Adam Myerson

  1. e-RICHIE

    I like Adam atmo. The world, certainly the sport, needs more folks with his size stones. Sometimes you fight fights you can’t win, or won’t win – but you fight anyway because it’s the right thing to do. Myerson got that memo in spades. He’s a leader and a zealot, and also a winner. I think he’s a perfect counterbalance to so many of the creeps who find their way into the race results and news stories on many of the cycling sites.

  2. josh taylor

    Huge fan of Adam. The guy pulls no punches and loves cycling and racing. He’s a guy that you cant judge on appearances alone. I made that mistake a few years ago when getting into cross, but quickly realized he is a very articulate and very opinionated dude. I just happen to agree with him a lot.

  3. Bernd Faust

    Steve you should consult Adam in regards to getting a tatoo or some special nose/earrings etc…he knows the scoop……
    my favorite tatoo is on my right calf: A full Hefeweizen Beerglass, filled with Franziskaner Hefeweizen dunkel….Who needs doping when there is great beer aka german beer brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot from 1516 (purity law-clean beer). Then I have the cross Jesus died on, on my left calf , which is very precious to me too.

  4. old and slow

    I remember his sig from RBR back in the old days.

    ” I am a man more sinned against than sinning.”

  5. Bernd Faust

    Bob, i don’t care what people say or write or think they know..For me Jesus died on the cross for all of us, if we believe it or not…was it a tree a stake, nothing like that, because the roman’s didn’t crucify people 2000 years ago…the Tatoo is pretty artwork, the cross is in different shades of brown…it will stay.
    but Steve really should contact Adam in regards to tatoo’s..the man knows his stuff!
    May everybody be happy and don’t worry!
    I am in the blue dogfish kit on pink MB, borrowed that bike from Nicki Minaj
    2 fotos were you can see left calf with cross

  6. channel_zero

    Does my

    D O G

    cross tattoo count? Jesus from DogTown just got old and moved away when the area was gentrified.

  7. cracker

    meh. still remember him as a whiny punk, but maybe he has grown up over the years. as far as the tats and piercings, another meh. have a blast getting old, that’s gonna look rough

    burn that Schleck Trek yet?

  8. Jim

    I have known Adam since 2010 and find him interesting and fascinating.
    I don’t always agree with him (and I wouldn’t want to) on things but he is really smart and thoughtful.
    He makes you bring your A game.
    He is one of the most amazing multi-taskers I have ever seen.
    He is good for the sport and I am happy to know him.

  9. burnt

    Meh?! Myerson has been doing the triple-crown of cyclocross: coaching, promoting, and racing for more than 10 years. He has been been doing one or two of those three forever–I’ll grant that he hasn’t been around as long as Tilford or Curley. He has been staunchly anti-doping (I thought I paid close tabs on things and didn’t know he had accused our favorite blogger of doping which I’m sorry to hear about) and is going all out to build the sport he loves.

    For someone who was shaped by the West/Midwest I wish he would hold his tongue a bit more (haven’t noticed if it is pierced or not). And if his tongue is hot his pen is a bit more measured–he’s an entertaining and instructive writer. I don’t see too many folks out there coaching, promoting, and rubbing elbows in the same season. I like it.

    And in the interests of full disclosure I took a two-day course from Myerson many years ago. I credit him with my win at the masters 40+ ‘cross championships in Wisconsin many years ago.

    So, if he was a whiny punk why don’t you share? Generalizations without specifics are worthless. As Yoda said, “Dish or dish not. There is no assertion.”

  10. Jack

    If e-RICHIEis in dude you are a smallfry in tights. A very EMO guy, tuff???

    So Adam, you managed to ride a bike for a long while. Perhaps too long. And you *believe* you made an impact on *the sport*. Cool. Like McKayla Maroney-type cool.

  11. Jack

    His sig says so much about his martyr-complex: childhood hated me, I hated the world, the world is against me, the bike is my muse and I am its savant and slave. The world is out to get me…so I must ride away from the word. Ya know, psych101 stuff. Addiction comes in many forms…cards, gambling, booze, s*x, power, money, looks and aerobic addicts got serioussssssssss issues. Shh, don’t tell him that.

  12. Shaun


    I don’t like Adam atmo. The world, certainly the sport, needs more folks with his size stones and this sounds so large-stoned and tough to say. Sometimes you fight fights you can’t win, or won’t win – but you fight anyway because it’s the right thing to do. I cannot make a list of credible fights Myerson fought…but it sounds cool and tough atmo! Myerson got that memo in spades. He’s not a leader and merely a zealot, and also a mid-pack rider who never did much nationally, only locally. He’s like atmo and so many of the other creeps who find their way into the race results and news stories on many of the cycling sites.

    He listens to the Stones and has a pair of deuces. He fought fights. And he won a few local rides. Meh.

  13. Mike Rodose

    Soooo many tough guys on this Tilly blog.

    Myerson is an excellent, clean pro! A true road and cross Pro, and a criterium expert amongst the nation’s best. A working man’s racer, racking up cash money for many years.

    I have also rolled up 5 dollar bills and stuffed them in his ear-hoopies while he was running barriers. He sent me a letter. It said Aaaaaaargh, Matey!

    Even if I wasn’t Adam’s Matey, I would still put him on My Favorite Domestic Pro list. So there.


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