5 thoughts on “And I Thought Running Bromont was Fun

  1. jp

    I was thinking the same as Michael especially after the local ride today. on a serious note it is a very moving video, it is touching to see dogs doing what dogs should be doing. The man in the video is a special human.

  2. H Luce

    If you want to try running with a pack of hounds, I know of a couple packs – i think Jim Beisel still has his pack of beagles – Settlers Acre – in Greenwood, MO south of Kansas City, and then there’s Three Creek Bassets, the pack I whip for on occasion near St Louis. We took out 14 hounds – 7 couple – on Thanksgiving day, kicked up a rabbit on the strip of land between the Katy Trail and the Missouri River, ran the rabbit back through the woods, across a farm road and into a creek valley below the barn, where a deer jumped in the middle of the pack, and of course about half of the pack tried to get on the deer, of course with no luck and we got that put to a halt quickly. Then we kicked up a fox, who was able to run the pack a ways, enough to get a good view, then the fox decided to put an end to that game and probably went to ground. The pack couldn’t find the foxhole, but got on a fresh deer trail and started running that, and we were able to whip all but two couple off of that. Took a quick jog down the Katy Trail and got one couple which we sent back to the huntsman, then spent a good half hour searching for the other couple, with no luck. Had thanksgiving dinner, then went back out looking for the other couple, and finally found one hound about two miles away, dead tired in the middle of a road and soaking wet, got her in the front seat of my car, heater on full, and back to the kennel where the other hound had turned up, so all present and accounted for… To do this, you’ve really got to be able to communicate with the hounds, verbally and nonverbally, you’ve really got to connect with them, and then you have to know what rabbits and fox and deer do as well. You can tell a lot about what the pack is doing by their barking, even what kind of animal they’re chasing and if they’re going the right or wrong way on a scent trail. We’ve got one whip who can run, but he’s new and really doesn’t have an idea of where he’s supposed to be… it’s hard on clothing, too, you’ll run into burs and sickers, and the occasional multiflora rose vine, the pain from those is like getting hit with boiling water, and they draw blood as well… But it’s all in good fun.


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