Off to the F1

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Last night got a bit late people watching down on 6th street. So, this morning is short. We’re heading over to the Formula 1 to greet the masses. This isn’t so much for the car race watching experience as for the people watching experience. Watching the F1 race would be much better on TV than in person with general admission tickets. Okay, I have to get on my bike to ride over to the bike corral to take the shuttle to the track. It is going to be a long process today both directions. Part of the experience.

Bromont was getting a lot of attention downtown last night.

You don’t go to many places that give trees priority over the road.

These hipsters were stocking up up at Whole Foods.

You don’t see many of these around anymore. Greg Lemond would be proud.

I’m not sure what was going through this guys mind in the bathroom in Whole Foods.

3 thoughts on “Off to the F1

  1. Matt

    Maybe he was thinking….”I gotta take a wicked dump but someone might steal my $12 bag of organically grown Beets”…..or not.

  2. mike crum

    what are you doing in the john with a camera??????????????????????
    who in their right mind goes in a john and takes pictures of a guy in a stall????
    world class bike racer taking pictures in the john..

  3. Tilford97

    Mike-I have my phone, so I have a camera. I wasn’t taking a picture of a guy in a stall. I took a picture of a shopping cart in a stall with a guy. I took it because I found it interesting and unique.


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