Back in Kansas

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I got back to Kansas about 1 am this morning. I flew back through Denver and they were clearing snow off the runway. Then, coming into Kansas City, storms were a brewin’, so it was a pretty bumpy landing.

I am heading down to Austin, Texas for the Formula 1 this next weekend. I know, no Jingle Cross. But, I committed to the F1 before Jingle Cross changed its dates to before Thanksgiving, at least before I realized it was a week earlier, so I’m going to Austin. I have a bunch of stuff to do here these next few days.

Shimano has new derailleur cables that are super slick. Something like Gore, but they seem to be slicker. There are rumors that they can go up to 10,000 miles or more. Since I’ve never gotten more than half that out of any cable, I’d be pleasantly surprised if that is the case.

I finally got some Di2 shifters to put on my cross bike. Eventually, I’d like to get over to Steamboat to have Kent make my bikes internal routing for the cables. It seems a little complicated to install, so it might take awhile this afternoon. It is only in the 40’s and raining now, so there are worse things to be doing today.

I missed the local cross race at Heartland Park last night put on by Jeff Unruh. It was warm, windy and a good time I hear.

Sue and Don’s puppy, Ranger, went home yesterday after a successful surgery. He still has a couple weeks of radiation to go through, so it’s going to be a long road.

I bet he’s going to sleep today away for sure.

This was the bed when I got home at 1 am. Bromont was not very happy. These three guys tend to hang together, inside or out.

I remembered to get my knife that the TSA was going to take away on the flight out. It took me a few moments to find it in the dark, buried by the tree.

This was in the Orange County airport. They should be embarrassed. And, it wasn’t the only one overflowing. Maybe they had a trash collector’s strike or something going on.

These are the next generation of the Shimano Road Shoes. If you’re going to be needing a pair of new road shoes soon, wait a couple months. These weigh nearly nothing, it amazing.

And these are the super slick cables. They have a different color and feel. You need to use them with the SP-41 housing, it has the white grease, not the green.

This Range Rover was in the airport in Kansas City. It attracted me because I saw about 10,000 of these the last few days in SoCal. The sticker price on this one was $88,000. All I can say is……nothing.

8 thoughts on “Back in Kansas

  1. Rod Lake

    1. I always feel bad for any dog wok must wear the dreaded “cone of shame.” hang in there Ranger!
    2. I never have understood the Land Rover thing. But hey, different strokes.
    3. Hilarious about the knife. Great story
    4. Char’s flight to London last night was delayed three hours and then before takeoff some guy decided he didn’t want to go. That meant another hour delay while they rummaged around the cargo bag to find his suitcase. Not a popular guy with other passengers.
    5. Enjoy F1–bring your ear plugs!
    6. Please don’t make the bot math questions much harder–you’re testing my math ability.

  2. Ron

    I can never figure out why someone would spend 88K on a vehicle to drive to work and run errands. The only nice thing about it is knowing which people think that’s a good idea so I can avoid their financial advice.

  3. bryce lawrence

    It’s not the fact that the material was overflowing that is embarrasing, it’s the fact that most of that material could be re-utilized if states would invest in robust material separation and cycling systems. Just look at the ecological footprint of many developed European countries with such systems versus the USA (Rees and Wackernagel, 1996; Wackernagel and Kites, 2006). One might even consider it unethical that average American citiizens do not have the opportunity to live lives with less embeded energy.

  4. Chris Gruver

    I drive a 2005 Passat TDI wagon. It averages 40 MPG highway if at or under 70; 45 MPG if under 60 (with bike on top). The new generation TDI has 20% more milege and power, 20% less pollution. It’s a full size car; new version about 50MPG +. I can’t imagine choosing to put out 400% more pollution.

  5. Ted Lewandowski

    I would never buy a car/suv that is manufactured in England in which the manufacturing company (Jaguar and Ranger Rover) are owned by an Indian company called Tata Motors located on another continent.

    Not to pick on Jaguar and/or Range Rover – even Bentley is owned by VW – who made great cars in the past (VW) – but have decided to ‘decontent’ their cars to compete in a price segment.


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