Go Vote Today!

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Today is the day we get our chance to vote. So, exercise it and go out and vote. It does matter. The video below isn’t meant to try to persuade you to vote for any specific individual. It is meant to remind you to get out and vote for whoever you think would be best to represent you and our country.

5 thoughts on “Go Vote Today!

  1. tilford97 Post author

    Can’t really go with that North. What if you were never born? What if you didn’t live in the US? What if……you can go on forever.

    I have my reservations about the United States political system, but as it is set up now, voting does matter and can change our lives dramatically.

  2. double d

    Once again the Judge is right on. Why can’t we have a guy like this run?..
    I disagree Steve. Your vote doens’t really count. You either voting for a coke or a diet coke, when it comes right down to it they are both cokes. In that sense your vote doesn’t matter.

  3. tilford97 Post author

    Double d – I sort of agree, but have to disagree. There would have been a huge difference in many people’s lives if Al Gore would have won the election over George Bush. There is a much bigger difference there between Coke and Diet Coke. Those 537 votes in Florida changed our destiny and many other people’s throughout the world. So, voting does matter.

  4. H Luce

    You do have a choice – you can vote for the Democrat wing of the Permanent War Party, the Republican wing of the Permanent War Party, or you can vote against the wars and the killing by voting Libertarian (Gary Johnson) or Green (Jill Stein). If enough people voted for them, enough to give either of these latter two people over 270 electoral votes, the US would be a different country in very little time, because the President can put an end to the wars, in his or her role as Commander-in-Chief. The President is also the head of all of the Executive Branch agencies, including the CIA, the NSA, and the creeepy Department of Homeland Security, and could act to lop off all the tentacles of the National Security State, too. It’s a lot of power at stake, and as long as the plutocrats who benefit from the status quo can keep people away from the real alternatives, by keeping people focussed on the phony Punch-and-Judy antics of the Republicans and Democrats, they can continue to enthrall the people of the US and enrich themselves even further. Now, of course, the elections of 2012 are over, but people can still work with and organize with the real alternatives for the 2014 election cycle…


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