8 thoughts on “Only in SoCal

  1. Blob

    I want to see a photo of you taking photos of them, Steve. THAT’s what would have made it creepy or whatever.

    Otherwise, just seems like a typical Kansan worried about what other people choose to do. Just sayin’.

  2. Mark

    Pretty common sight just about anywhere here in California. Scenes like that are billboards for the higher quality of life. Doesn’t take long before it’s part of the everyday scenery.

  3. DavidA

    How about this one, my friend Neil Crawford from Ottawa Canada rides his bike to work on nice days. One of the workers in his factory complained that they felt sexually harrassed because of his cycling clothes. He didnt say if it was a man or a woman who complained.

  4. Richard Wharton

    There’s a couple who are all over the Equinox Health Club video billboards doing this on the 50-yard line of a football stadium, under the lights. It’s cool, but it’s also kind of soft-porn. The guy’s got some serious art, though, and they cut the footage so fast that you really just get subliminal images of muscle groups and the intensity of their eyes, not really the trust or breathing involved. Yeah – it’s sort of a performing art workout thing…. I guess?


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