Gonna Ride the Canyons Today

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Yesterday we drove up to Somis to hang with Jimmy Mac before the Nosco Charity ride this morning. I love hanging with Mac. We went out for a hour ride and the riding around Somis is unbelievable. It is mainly agricultural and there are lots of abandoned farm roads through the orchards. Then we went out for dinner at strip mall Italian, which nearly always has great food.

Today is the 80 mile ride from Newbury Park, down to the coast highway, and then back up through most of the canyons heading away from the coast. I think there are already over 400 riders signed up, so there will be over 600 there. I’m not sure about how dangerous it is going to be since this is the first time this ride has been on the weekend. I guess nearly every motorcycle in Southern California wants to go up to Mulholland Drive and let it hang out. I’ve been told it is going to be an issue for the ride, we’ll see. This is not even taking the Coast Hwy. into consideration, especially near Malibu.

Well, that’s about it. The weather is going to be perfect. We need to get going. Photos and such tomorrow.

Jimmy Mac climbing.

Mac’s pump track.

Strip mall Italian.

Mac and Gail’s tiki room.

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  1. Otaribob

    Mulholland and Latigo are my favorites leaving the coast highway. Seems like Sundays are always worse for the motorbikes and the majority of don’t seem to ride the coast side of Mulholland, rather the town side, stopping at the cafe. I’d sure like to be riding there today, enjoy!


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