Some Rest Day

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First of all, have a good Halloween. I have been trying to take one day a week completely off the bike. It’s just an experiment, nothing set in stone. I hate not riding. I love riding my bike and it is hardly ever a chore suiting up to train.

I’ve been pretty beat since Berryman and thought I should take the day off. That coincided with yet another dentist appointment. I’ve been having a lot of dental issues, especially since I flipped off that berm in Cable and landed on my head.

I don’t need to go into specifics, but I spent a good part of the day getting injected and drilled, etc. And I’m still not done. I’m going to have to get another job to afford my dental bill. I can’t believe how tired I was yesterday after leaving the dentist. I noticed that I was sitting there with my fists clinched much of the time. I don’t know why that was, because I thought I felt pretty comfortable and I know I have the best dentist, so I don’t feel stressed. It must just be something about getting your teeth drilled on. That is never a good thing, the noise, smell, and spray all adding up into clinched fists, I guess.

I’m heading out to California tomorrow for a week. I’m going to be riding the Mike Nosco Memorial Ride on Saturday. I’ve done it the last couple years and have thoroughly enjoyed the day. It’s the one time a year I catch up with a lot of my buddies, plus it is always for a good cause. Then I’m going to try to collect some equipment and train some.

Today I have a ton to do also. Car work in the morning, then I’m going to ride over to Lawrence later this afternoon, to meet up with Brian Jensen, Joseph Schmalz and Matt Gilhausen. I haven’t seen Brian and Matt for a few weeks, so that should be good.

Sorry about the milk toast post, but I feel a little rushed already.

I voted yesterday, since I’m going to be out of Kansas next Tuesday.

Another one, sort of, bites the dust.

4 thoughts on “Some Rest Day

  1. mike

    steve, speaking from 20 years of experience in dentistry and 30 years of sucking on the bike, that is one hell of a nice root canal.
    have enjoyed reading your posts and wish i had a chance to ride with you when i lived back in kansas city.

  2. Dave Penney

    Ha, I can relate to the dentist thing… After 2 implants, tooth extractions and soon to be crowns, I also feel a spike of adrenaline (the bad kind) when I sit in The Chair. I have a few tooth fractures that may be the result of clenching my teeth digging deep, while bike racing.

    Enjoy reading most of your blogposts.


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