9 thoughts on “I Have to Admit, Lance is an Eloquent Speaker

  1. The Cyclist

    Doesn’t look like he hates it, as someone witnessed in the “reasoned decision” document.

  2. Michael Smith

    History has shown us that most con men, hucksters, and frauds are very good at delivering a lie. Additionally, I believe Lance , like most high profile figures, has speech writers at his disposal. While LA could be described as crafty, I would not say he is educated. I find it hard to give any credence to him given his life of lies. Time for LA to man up and start the long process of contrition and accepting responsibility for his choices. He is not alone in this scandal though, all need to come clean.

  3. Ted Lewandowski

    That is how conman are able to perpetrate a fraud – they have the ability through speech to influence your thinking and decision making.


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