A Kid’s Memory of a Bike Race

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This is from Dillion McNeill, age 10. He is the son of Kent McNeill, long time friend from Nebraska, one of the original SNORTs (Southern Nebraska Off Road Team, I think). He finished 13th at the Leadville 100 a couple years ago. Dillion has a keen memory of the small things that make bike racing special. I’ve experienced many of these things 1000’s of times. It is so refreshing seeing it from a child’s perspective.

6 thoughts on “A Kid’s Memory of a Bike Race

  1. robo

    great article Steve i would much rather hear about these positive things these days with all the shit out there right now!

  2. Andrew Slater

    Steve, this is a great post. I don’t know if you remember but after my first ever mtb race podium (at 12 years old) you stopped and talked to me during your warmup at the old Snow Creek mtb course. 13 years later and I just finished yet another USGP race. Some juniors have an uncanny ability to figure out racing fast, you just found another one of them.


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