Cool Weekend

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I was planning to start riding again this weekend, but spent about 12 hours on my back on the concrete yesterday working on my car and it is hardly supposed to be in the 50’s today for a high, so I’m just going to drive over to Lawrence and watch some cyclo-x. The 360 Team is putting on a race that is at a new venue, so it should be interesting to watch.

I was planning on riding over there, but…..Actually, I kind of want to see if all the stuff I did on my Isuzu fixed it. It got horrible fuel economy on the way to the airport last week and since then I’ve changed the ERG and oxygen sensor. I was thinking what I’ve done and it was pretty extensive. I put in new shocks all around, new brake rotors and pads, new front axles, a new ERG valve, new oxygen sensor, muffler, flex tube in the exhaust, plus changed the oil in the differential, engine and transmission. The ABS light is still on and the 4 wheel drive light flashes. I think I have the 4 wheel drive problem figured out, but the brakes are still a mystery.

I’m kind of looking forward to walking around watching a local cross on a cool, fall day. I hope to be racing in two weeks, depending on how I feel. It is such a luxury being able to choose to do a local cross race, or regional, or national, every weekend, all the way until Worlds. That is one great change of the sport.

The car project started because of this.

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  1. Olbiketech

    Check your ABS wheel sensor, they tend to go bad. If you don’t mind not having ABS and relying on old fashioned brakes, simply remove the 60amp fuse.


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