Paul Kimmage Defense Fund

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Paul Kimmage Defense Fund
Thu, 09/20/2012 – 1:28pm by Andy Shen

The UCI are taking Paul Kimmage to court for writing that they covered up a positive for Lance Armstrong (story on Velonation here). The same accusation is leveled by Hamilton and Coyle in The Secret Race, and will likely be further corroborated when USADA present their case against Armstrong. As David Walsh has pointed out, the UCI are vindictively suing only Kimmage and not the publications in which those accusations appeared (that includes us!). Some friends have set up a Chipin for Kimmage’s defense fund below.

From – Over the weekend, journalists at the UCI Road World Championships in Valkenburg, Netherlands, signed a petition in support of Kimmage.

Here’s a picture from the British Milk race in 1983. I’m in 2nd, Paul was 3rd.

12 thoughts on “Paul Kimmage Defense Fund

  1. Lance Non-hater

    So I guess we should assume that the word of David Walsh is comparable to the word of God, LOL. Let the court decide this matter, and let Paul Kimmage pay for his own legal defense. I don’t believe a word I hear about cycling drug allegations either from the LA Haters or the LA Lovers. I am sick of all of them. Let’s get past this BS and back to racing.

  2. FarmerG

    Ah yes Lance non-hater. Lets let bygone’s be bygone’s and ignore the problem and all will magically heal itself.

    All is well in the cycling world and always has been. Why mess with a good thing right?

  3. channel_zero


    What racing would that be precisely?

    -The one that tried to suppress Contador’s positive?
    -The one that picked Team Sky as a winner at the TdF this year? You know the one where the Yellow Jersey is doing sprint train lead-outs, mid-pack veterans suddenly performing WAY above their historic norm suddenly beating specialists.
    -The one catching weekend warrior EPO users. An honest weekend warrior cannot even race with confidence she’s racing her peers.

    That one? Yeah, let’s get back to that. :\

  4. Jody Prummer

    I gave to the Kimmage fund a few days ago and it was just a bit over $8000. Good to see people who care about truth and fairness have given to Paul.

  5. Raul

    I was hoping you’d post a link to this! Hopefully word gets spread to all the local organizations in each state. I can’t believe the fund broke 19K. To think I was ecstatic at 1K…

  6. Rich

    I see Lance was the first one to comment on this one, he probably has his browsers set to notify him when Tilford posts something, LOL.

  7. Tommasini53

    +1 to channel_zero!

    i gladly donated to mr. kimmage’s defense fund…he’s worked hard to clean up the sport

  8. Tommasini53

    i propose we sell rubber wrist bracelets to raise money for mr. kimmage’s defense…we’ll need to pick a distinctive color..anything but yellow.

  9. Skippy

    Seems like the CAPCHA only allows some comments !
    Who was First ?
    advise !
    Also need link for the ” Chip In ” , to add to my Blogs !

  10. Skippy

    Seems like the CAPCHA only allows some comments !
    Who was First ?
    advise !
    Also need link for the ” Chip In ” , to add to my Blogs !

    Shitty ” Capcha ” is now telling me ” Duplicate ” and still does not post comment “!


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