First Day of Fall

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Yesterday was the first day of fall. And here in Kansas it was a perfect fall day weatherwise. I think one of the best things about influx cyclocross bikes is that everyone has a gravel road bike built up now.

We rode 70 miles on my normal gravel ride to Lawrence on the river road yesterday. It is pretty much my favorite ride around Topeka. There were 6 of us that rode the whole way and no one flatted, which was nice.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time the last couple days working on my Isuzu Trooper. I haven’t driven it is a couple years, Kris drives it some. The check engine light was on and it wasn’t running too good. I have an OBD2 scanner and there were 9 codes. It took a bit and $130, but now there are no codes. I need to get a code scanner that does ABS brakes. The ABS light is on and the brakes are pretty mediocre. Anyone out there have any knowledge of a good one?

Last night a few people came over and we had risotto, salad and pie. I figured it is best to start out the fall with a homemade apple pie. Fall is the best season for pie, but there is no bad season for pie. I love pie.

Today were riding gravel again. It really isn’t good for me. My chest has been just getting sorer and sorer. It’s been exactly a week since I hurt myself and yesterday was the worst I’ve felt. If it gets much worse, I’m going to have to go get it checked, even though I’m pretty sure that there is no medical treatment that is going to make it any better.

Okay, I need to concentrate on the Worlds. The race is pretty good so far. I think the outcome is going to be surprising.

The lazy mans way to peel apples. It is a pretty fun tool.

I peeled a few too many apples.

The pie turned out pretty big.

This is the berm that I launched off up in Cable and hurt my chest.

And the rocks I landed on. I know they don’t look like much, but I landed chest first on the small one on the left. I picked them up on my way out of town and now they are in my garden.

This was the biggest expense yesterday, an new EGR valve. I’ve messed with this before, fixing the old one, but they redesigned the valve and it looks like it will work better.

We stopped at the Flying Monkey and had a beer after the ride. Maybe not the best for recovery, but it is fall and went down easily.

8 thoughts on “First Day of Fall

  1. SalRuibal

    I used to own an Isuzu Trooper. It was a great vehicle for hauling bikes and gear, but mechanically it was a constant sorrow. In 2004 I got a new 2003 Toyota Tacoma 4WD TRD stretch cab (not the big one) and have never had a problem. Even the paint still looks new. We’ve been riding gravel here. I never noticed how many gravel roads there are until I started riding them. Probably my favorite surface. Thanks for making gravel riding legit.

  2. jp

    you are a cool guy, the kind i actuallywouldn’t mind meeting in person some day, get yourself checked out, between all the DVT, shoulder stuff, and now the chest thrashing you never know, we are not getting any younger, the bod doesn’t hold up the same as it used to, i personally would miss this blog if anything ever happened to you.

  3. dave king


    As someone who works in the medical field, if you have a lower extremity DVT (esp one not treated with coumadin) you probably want to get that that chest pain checked out to be sure that you didn’t dislodge a clot to form a pulmonary embolus. Just a thought.


  4. jerry

    Typically when the ABS light is on, the first place to look is the sensors at the wheels. The system is magnetic and if the sensor at the disk gets dirty or gritted up with metal to metal shavings, the magnetic impulses will not pick up.

    If the brake pedal is soft and there are no fluid leaks, you might replace the check valve on the brake booster. I am assuming the Trooper has that set up.

    Hope the chest issue is ok, this getting older sux.


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