Famous Unseen Interview of Muhammad Ali, by Michael Aisner

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Last year I got into this thing about asking some of my friends who is the most famous person that they have ever met. I actually asked two separate questions. One, who is the most famous person that they had ever seen. And two, who is the most famous person that would call them by their name, the person actually knows them.

Michael Aisner, my friend and promoter of the Red Zinger/Coor’s Classic, etc. answered Jane Goodall, for the person that knows him, which I thought was marvelous. Dennis Kruse said Muhammad Ali, for most famous person he’d met, but wouldn’t know him. I thought that was pretty great also. I guess Michael forgot about his interview with Muhammad Ali. He did it when he was 17 years old. Pretty cool. Here is some of it in video form.

BTW, my answers were Lance by name and Michael Jordan as a sighting.

13 thoughts on “Famous Unseen Interview of Muhammad Ali, by Michael Aisner

  1. Dennis C

    Steve, why don’t you post when you really have something to say ? Does your ego require you to post something everyday ? You really missed the mark today.

  2. missylynn

    Bob Beamon. World record holder in the men’s long jump – 29 ft. 2 1/2 inches – held the record for 23 years!

  3. Wildcat

    I eat a CLIF Builder’s Bar at my desk each week day around 10:00am central and read your blog post for the day (on Mondays I get to catch up on your posts from the weekend – helps make Monday mornings more enjoyable). I am always a little sad when you haven’t posted anything or you are running late. So, thank you. I for one appreciate the daily posts whatever they may be about.

    And yes, ignore the troll!!!

  4. Brian W

    Yes Steve, ignore the Troll. Keep posting …whatever you feel like posting, that’s what makes your blog REAL. Your race stories are awesome, especially like the stories from the 80’s and 90’s.


  5. Raul

    So I rarely comment but read nearly everyday. I appreciate _all_ your posts. Please don’t pay attention to the Troll.

  6. Scott Claiborne

    “C’mon man I’m trying to get a good clean cut here.” Hilarious!

    Seriously…Steve …Don’t stop. I cherish your posts. They’re like the minute or two after a cold splash of water in the face and the warmth comes back.

  7. Rich W

    When I was a kid both PeeWee Reese and Paul Hornung knew me by name. My mom was on Peewee’s bowling team. Hornung was a friend of my dads.

    I drank beers with Peter Coors.

    I shook Steven Colberts hand.

  8. e carter

    I literally ran into Dave Chappelle and his wife one day. He looked at me, realized I recognized him, and then pulled his hoody over his head and walked on. Most famous person I know is probably Becky Scott. Unless you remember me.

  9. H Luce

    Most famous person I ever knew – and I was on a first name basis with: Bobby Peterson, keyboardist for the McCoys (Hang on Sloopy), toured the US with the Rolling Stones in 1966, hung out at Bo Diddley’s house on the weekends, played with Johnny and Edgar Winter, did all-night jam sessions with Jimi Hendrix. Most famous person I’ve met: Bo Diddley, while hanging out with Bobby Peterson, watching NOFX play in someone’s front yard.

  10. Rod Lake

    Me: Steve Tilford and some guy that was in Blazing Saddles.
    My wife: the Dalai Lama, Obama, Bush, Eva Longoria (hello, how about an invite next time?); Tommy Lee Jones, Tim Duncan, etc.
    Behind every successful woman is a man who can lift heavy objects–a role I happily fulfill.

  11. Jeff

    Passed the Ali interview around the office. It made everyone laugh.
    In college, Herschel Walker would pass me in his black Trans Am all the time and we’d always wave to each other. He always made sure I saw him and waved. One day I was far from campus on a bike at a red light. Some guy pulled up behind me and started honking until I got mad and turned around to look. It was Hershel smiling and waving!


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