Breaking News – USADA supposedly has Postive Samples from Lance

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Kind of all awake from racing this evening. Any other night owls out there see this. It is from that reports that a French TV show reported that USADA has some blood samples of Lance and that they have tested and came back positive for PED’s. If true, I guess this is a huge deal. I’m sure we’ll here a lot more about this in the days to come.

13 thoughts on “Breaking News – USADA supposedly has Postive Samples from Lance

  1. Ritchey_Breakaway

    Can someone please clarify the process of testing A & B samples? I assume they opened and tested the A sample when it was originally collected. In the latest case do they re-test the A sample or do they open and test the B sample? Seems if the A sample was already opened, that it would be suspect for manipulation. Comments?

  2. shaun w

    The French lab a few years ago tested the B sample and released results based on that, totally contrary to protocol as of course it has no credibility. Unless there was an unopened sample there’s no way to show it hadn’t been manipulated or adjusted. Lots of haters out there !

  3. G

    @shaun. Was Lance required to supply blood for testing exactly one time in his career? Presumably not. The episode you are alluding to may or may not have anything to do with what is being reported here.

  4. Ted Lewandowski

    USADA is responsible for implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code in the United States – widely considered the basis for the strongest and strictest anti-doping programs in sports – not just cycling.

    The Code works in conjunction with the following international standards:

    (1) WADA Prohibited List (Outlining the substances and methods prohibited in sport)
    (2) The International Standard for Testing (IST) (Test Planning and Sample Collection Process)
    (3)International Standard for Laboratories (ISL) (Standard for the caliber of laboratories that can process athlete samples.)
    (4) International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) (The approval process for allowing athletes to obtain exemptions for prohibited substances when a legitimate medical reason exists.)
    (5) International Standard for Protection of Privacy and Personal Information. (Privacy protections when collecting and using athlete personal information.)

    So as you can see the testing protocol is very structured.

  5. channel_zero

    First we have Phil Ligget’s conspiracy, now Armstrong’s samples are manipulated. Really?

    What’s the next conspiracy theory?

  6. Ted Lewandowski

    Phil Liggett of all people should know how structured the testing protocols are by WADA and the USADA – and for him to cast doubt on the guilt of LA is beyond reason – he needs to retire from commentating anyway as he is having problems identifying riders or even converting kilometers to miles.

    Furthermore, blood samples that are taken from riders are assigned numbers to protect their identity – Shaun should know these procedures being a former pro rider.

    Bottom-line is nothing is going to change in the sport of cycling until riders acknowledge that there is a problem – and stop protecting each other by casting doubt into the process – Mr. Liggett included.

  7. Anthony Geller

    “The French lab a few years ago tested the B sample and released results …”
    This is so far from what really happened as to border on fantasy.

  8. Jim

    I am all in favor of catching drug cheats but even I have trouble with believing any of this is legit.
    If you are going to convict someone that is fine but do it with evidence that isn’t tainted.
    This isn’t it.

  9. Ted Lewandowski

    Tainted evidence??? Try 10 witnesses that cut a deal with the USADA for reduced sanctions that were ready to testify against LA – George Hincapie being one of them – and who really had no agenda towards LA.

    Lance chose not to arbitrate because he knew what he was up against – plain and simple – the end of the road.

  10. Ted Lewandowski

    Here is the list of witnesses for the USADA…

    Floyd Landis, Jonathan Vaughters, Levi Leipheimer, Dave Zabriskie, Christian Vande Velde, George Hincapie, Tyler Hamilton, and Betsy Andreu.

    Also Sheryl Crow cooperated with the USADA investigation and ex-wife Kristin Armstrong has provided evidence.

  11. charlie

    Ted. Not to speak for the others, but..I think the sad thing here is not so much that anyone is handing onto any real degree of certainty that Lance “Did not do it.” As you pointed out…at this point any thinking man would have a hard time swallowing same. It is more of a sadness and pissed off-ness about having to now have this great memory in your mind messed with or torn up all together. We all loved to love the story. The comeback kid, against all odds, how you like those Pucking apples. Just kind of screws with our history.


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