Phil Liggett Interview on Lance’s Deal

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Here is a video of Phil Liggett talking about Lance’s suspension, etc. I actually haven’t watched the whole thing, it is 15 minutes long. I can say I agree with about 15% of what he says so far. I’ve known Phil since 1983. He’s a good guy. I guess he, like many others in the cycling community, is towing the company line. Maybe he’s just jet lagged from flying back from the Pro Challenge.

26 thoughts on “Phil Liggett Interview on Lance’s Deal

  1. VCScribe

    Liggett crawled into bed with the Last American Hero more than 15 years ago. In this interview he exposes the usual Phil muddle/malapropism/half-understanding that he displays on a daily basis every July. “Why are they doing this? He’s retired!” Geez Louise . . .

  2. Bernd Faust

    Lance was, is a little different..Coworkers asked me after he won 1 or 2 TDF’s..How is that possible with only 1 testicle..I don’t know I answered…..I like the fact that Lance has 2 more children naturally conceived..< i think that's great for him….Racing/Sport was business for him, coldblooded business.

  3. Inga Thompson

    Whether you believe Lance doped or not, whether you like Phil or not, Phil makes some excellent points. USADA has stepped beyond their own boundaries.

  4. e-RICHIE

    Inga –

    Couldn’t the same be said for Lance and Company? I read elsewhere that USADA bent rules to get what they got. Perhaps both parties – heck, maybe all involved pushed the goal posts back a little. At the end of the day, the light on the PEDs use and all related was a lot brighter as a result, as was the heat.

    I don’t know all the back stories, but I would accept a little underhanded tactics and manipulation if it netted some of those for whom it has become a varsity sport atmo.

    Anyway, that’s how I feel even though I’m not aware of where the boundaries were in the first place.

  5. Inga Thompson


    Yes, the same could be said for Lance and Co. There’s definitely a huge power play going on behind the scenes. As usual, We, the public only get part of the story. I do believe that this is only the beginning of what will eventually come to light with time. It will be fascinating story of intrigue if it ever comes to light.

  6. K-Ro

    USADA bent the rules to get a guy that broke them? How can a guy who cheated at sport have the temerity to say anything is unfair about getting caught? I agree that boundaries need to be kept but I can’t be sympathetic for LA.

    Live by the sword die by the sword.

  7. Veloloser

    Phil is also an awful bike racing announcer. He hasn’t said anything new or informative in 20 years. Same shit year after year. He needs to retire.

  8. Knower

    An awful interview. Take his press pass away and give it to someone who knows something about cycling. Steve listen to the last 3 minutes. Phil is going to be busting open the biggest case of government interference in sport ever. Or be sued down to his pants in libel court.

  9. Jim

    Paul, Phil and Bobke are all bike racing insiders like Merkxx who have all had their head in the sand over doping since forever, except when it was unavoidable, i.e., Floyd caught red handed in the TdF.

    I think they genuinely love the sport but refuse to call out the dopers in a wrongheaded attempt to avoid damaging the sport, not realizing they are instead making it worse.

    If you aren’t even going to bring the subject up during races, don’t expect me to listen to you now.

  10. Vincent

    2 questions:
    Did he take drugs (cheat)? He does not seem to be disputing that he probably did. Particularly if he beat all the other cyclists so easily, most of whom were doping. And he did fail 2 drug tests….
    Why are they going after him? It seems to me important that for today’s cycling, that if you cheated you are punished. If they let him get away with it, it will encourage people to cheat now, because they will get away with it, just when cycling is beginning to get its reputation back.
    Surely Armstrong is just trying to stop all the accusations coming out publicly. He is not really tired of it all, given the huge amount of effort and money he put in over the last couple of months to try and stop it coming to trial in the first place.

  11. Bill K

    I for one, will be happy after this pissing match between the USADA and the UCI is over. I wonder what will happen if the USADA refuses to supply the UCI with all their data, and if they do, what action the UCI will throw down on the alleged “confessed” riders.
    This could end up as a great movie.

  12. Jim

    The most pathetic part is that he (apparently) has no idea how full of crap he is.
    BTW, I thought he was a lousy announcer YEARS ago. I sure hope retirement is in the near future otherwise good new talent, like Frankie, will never get a chance.

  13. Romandy

    Kevin Livingston is the one guy we haven’t heard from during this whole mess. A close friend to Lance when he battled cancer, and a trusted lieutenant duting the first few TdF wins. Then, jumps ship to Telekom, which at the time was Postals biggest rival in the TdF (due to Ullrich’s presence there). Kevin floundered for a few years at Telekom and then retired without fanfare. That whole course of events tells me something happened between Kevin and Lance that got him dismissed from Postal, only to find himself riding for Lances biggest TdF threat at Telekom. My guess….Kevin was told to “get on the program” or find another employer.

    Kevin was great as a domestic pro, but his results as a Euro pro were nothing to speak of, as his biggest accomplishments were as a domestique for Lance. I truly believe he was a clean rider who realized natural ability could only take you so far, and wasn’t willing to cross the line to find more success in Europe. At least the course of events lead someone to think that way.

    Whatever the case may be, we need to Kevin Livingston to speak up. I’m sure he has plenty he could say.

  14. mark

    I believe Kevin Livingston still works as a trainer out of Lance’s Mellow Johnny’s bike shop. He might be the one and only former USPS team-mate not to turn on him. I can see why Liggett is upset at this whole thing. There is still a bunch of evidence out there and testimonies given that we don’t know about. We see the punishment already given but not the evidence. I’m not for or against Lance, but I want the punishment to fit the crime. Hopefully everything is made public when Johan goes to arbitration.

  15. Gary

    Some of the things you all are saying is plain ridiculouse, this is America! It’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty! Not the other way around. And why is our tax dollars being spent to go on a witch hunt! He may be guilty, he may not be, but by god until he is proven guilty keep your mouths shut, unless you really know. Which none of you do. It’s funny how most people can’t stand it when others are successful, they have to tear them down to feel normal? Plain idiocy.

  16. Jpete

    uh, good one gary, I almost thought you were serious. No Kool-aid in your fridge, man, because I think you have been chugging it! America is also the land of free speech. As Nietzche said, “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”

  17. Tanner Culbreath

    Phil knows there is doping in the sport. With comments like this, he doesn’t make any advancements, just showes that he is part of the cover-up….or what you call ‘towing the line’. Very disappointing.

  18. Joe

    Knower.. You know nothing. Who would trust Tyler… He is a liar and needs $$$. We all know Lance doped.. it was the era. Strip everyone of their victories from that time then.

  19. J Bird

    Phil came off as a brain addled Lance apologist here. It was really painful to watch.

    @nyvelocity is all over this on Twitter. Follow along.


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