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I’m in Silverthorne again and Trudi just left in a BMC team car heading back to the service course in Santa Rosa, CA. It is something like 1200 miles depending on which way she goes. There really isn’t a true direct way to drive though.

Anyway, I was thinking about all the costs incurred in the modern cycling era for the travel of these teams. The number of trucks, buses, cars each and every team has at every event seems overwhelming.

This isn’t even counting the flights. Think of this, every time a rider quits a race, he needs to go home, he doesn’t travel with the race anymore. So the team has to buy the rider a day of, one way ticket, or maybe if they are lucky, just pay a change fee to get the rider home earlier. But, the former is most likely the case in bigger stage races, such a a Grand Tour. Can you imagine the costs for that? Especially when the travel is intercontinental.

I’ve had to do this a couple times in my life. Once when I was racing the British Milk Race and hit a car at 100 kph. The other time was when I was riding the MTB version of the Tour de France, the VTT, and I fell and broke my hip. Both times the airlines made special arrangements for me, flying me directly back to the US/Kansas City, both times first class, free of charge. I guess it was a different era then. Service and compassion, back then, was more the deciding factor than the bottom line now.

Anyway, Trudi has something like 20 hours to drive and it is just one of 5 or 6 vehicles heading somewhere in North America. They have to have their vehicles in Canada for the two UCI races in Quebec City and Montreal next week. Lucky she doesn’t have to drive there.

This guy was taking a picture of the team car at the Starbucks in Dillon this morning and Trudi gave him a hat.

About ready to head West towards California.

This is a rainbow that I saw yesterday while walking along the creek in Silverthorne.

8 thoughts on “Pro Team Travel Expenses

  1. WilltheThrill


    I love ya…but I have a hard time reconciling your hard line stance against Vaughters with your the stuff you’ve been posting regarding hanging out with Och and BMC.

    I’d like to believe that BMC is running a relatively clean program currently (whatever that means), but you don’t have to go too far back with the history of Rihs, Och, Lelangue, Schotteten, Frei and others to get pretty sticky.

    This team is really nothing more than a re-branded Phonak.

    My hope is that the team has recognized the unsustainable future for cycling that doping holds, has left the past in the past, and has started with a clean slate with riders such like Phinney and TeJay….but the only difference between that and what Garmin is doing is that Garmin is being vocal both the past and its mission.

  2. Phil

    Saw a BMC team trailer in Topeka last night, must’ve been one of those en route to the Great White North.

  3. tilford97 Post author

    WilltheThrill- I understand your question.

    Here’s the deal. When the proper authorities have filed a case against a rider and/or a team, then I think it is fair game for everyone to comment.

    Also, when someone from a team makes a statement, same fair game.

    I do have a close relationship with BMC. That being stated, to my knowledge, there isn’t an on going investigation against any of their riders or support.

    Vaughters opened himself up to “us”. He wrote an op-ed in the NYT’s. As far as I know Och hasn’t done this.

    I did see an quote by Och that I didn’t like much. Something about Lance earning every victory he has. That being said, a lot of what is going to come out is going to be in Tyler’s book. Of course I’m going to read it. And comment.

    I have to believe that all these guys completely understand the direction of the sport and doping. And that they are all trying to do their best not to disrupt this progression.

    When someone comes out and airs their ghosts, then it’s fair game. Until that, I can’t just make shit up.

  4. Wild Weasel

    cough, cough – evasive, cough, answer – cough, cough

    you know where your bread is buttered, hence the selective outrage. If Och messes up the starting grid at the Masters Worlds, then there might be troubles

    Och is just as dirty as the rest of them, was he there with Betsy A. on that fateful day? Carmichael? don’t get me started


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