Last Night’s Photos from Colorado

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Yesterday was busy. I first did an awesome ride with Vincent and Sue up Golden Gate. It was in the 90’s in Denver, but cool up in the mountains. Then it was a rush to head over to a 7-11/BMC shindig. Here are some photos from the day. I have to hurry because Trudi is dropping off riders at the airport this morning and I’m meeting her up in the mountains.

You hardly ever get a group of icons like this together in today’s cycling world. This is Bob Roll, Eric Heiden above, then Steve Bauer, Chris Carmichael, Davis Phinney and Jim Ochowicz.

This is Taylor Phinney, TT stage winner, helping George Hincapie, Och and Bob action off George’s skinsuit he raced in yesterday, number and all. The last jersey in George’s career. Ron Kiefel bought it, out bidding Carmichael for 7 large. (Sorry Och for the candid shot.)

This is George handing Ron the skinsuit.

The other side of the stage 7-11 stage. Here are, from left to right, Ron Kiefel, Sue, Sean Petty, Monica Van Haute, Trudi and Mike Neel.

There was a fashion show during the food portion. Mainly modeling Hincapie, Lulu Lemon and the other clothing sponsors of BMC.

Tejay thanking Cadel for being such a good domestic this past week.

Vincent and Sue up in the mountains earlier in the day.

Levi finishing the time trial.

7 thoughts on “Last Night’s Photos from Colorado

  1. T

    anyone ask George if he’s going directly into the witness protection program? or if he’s retiring before getting suspended?

  2. ckm

    Och isn’t an icon of the sport. He facilitates omerta at the highest level of the sport. I understand the reasons why you omit your criticism of him, but doesn’t it feel just a little bit hypocritical calling bs on Lance and not calling bs on him?

  3. Wild Weasel

    Och likes cash in brown paper bags, ckm is right. Carmichael has his wagon hitched pretty tight, too. Convinced he was just a patsy for the whole LA fraud, put some distance on a certain Italian doctor. As tough as you were talking last week, fair is fair

  4. Romandy

    You know, with all this stuff about Lance getting banned and former teamamtes spilling the beans, blah, blah,blah…..the one guy we have not heard a peep from is Kevin Livingston. A trusted lieutenant to Lance in his first few TdF wins, then jumps ship to Telekom, which at the time was Postals biggest TdF rival, and then sort of fizzles out and retires without fanfare. My guess…Kevin was clean, was told to get on the program, took the high road and jumped ship. I would like to hear what he has to say.


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